Thursday, April 26, 2007

marks are in!

Really should be in bed...but I just got my marks. My lowest is one percent higher than my lowest last that's good.
Here it is...

Advanced Communications 87%
Outlook & Access 93%
Excel & Powerpoint 95%
Keyboarding 100%
Professionalism 91%
Document Processing 97%
Microtranscription 88%

What bugs me about Micro is I had 100% on all my spelling tests and that was worth 10% of my mark, so did the rest of my 90% really only come to 77%? That's disappointing. At least I thought thet spelling was worth that much, and YES-we have spelling tests in college. So :PPPP

I didn't expect any better in communications, that was actually the mark I figured I would get, if I was lucky-so I'm at least happy with that. I'm really happy with Document Processing, 97%...woot. My teacher actually kind of helped me ace my final...funny story:

Mrs. M walking by my computer: "Niki, have you sent that to the printer already?"
me: "uh, yes? Umm, why?"
Mrs. M: *shakes head* *points to the table in the document I created, scrunches her fingers to signal making it smaller*
me: "make it smaller? Can I do that? I can resend it?"
Mrs. M: *nods head* Smiles and walks away

I love that lady.

I have the ability to look up people's marks (because of the authority given to me in my job at the school), and it's SO tempting to see how some of my less than favourite classmates did...but it's not honourable. Grr. Darn conscience. I mean, not really-I don't want to be mean and dishonest like that, I guess it's more of a "grr" at the temptation. Anyway.

So...I'm happy. :)

*St. Bub* aka Helper Monkey aka Giddy One aka Looks Like Death and Needs Sleep One

night :P


  1. Good job on the marks nix, and keep up the not going against your conscience... and don't feel bad about the rest of your grade in micro because really 78 out of 90 is like 86.67% overall for your other projects and such, can't complain about that! (at least I wouldn't)

  2. wow!!! I'm proud of you! Well done, and congratulations :) XOXOXO

  3. i know many people who would hate you for getting that many marks that high. personally i think it's great!