Monday, April 16, 2007

random picture diary

Easter cake mmmm.

The kids @ Timmie's...every Sunday night.

*grr* Kristen. Our new friend...she's from the West and also swore she'd "NEVER, EVER, NEVER in a million years move to Ontario" ... haha

New computer!

Wow, new computer is biiiig

2 am photo shoot, new haircut.

Laughing at myself for doing a 2am photo shoot with my new bangs and very frizzy hair

Charles & me at a Jars of Clay concert

Me and the littlest LeaKer at JoC concert.


  1. As your dad would say, kewl, Jars of Clay, lucky! K. would like to take your brother to a concert in the fall, {psst, he doesn't know}, all the tickets sold, probably lots to scalpers, she's trying to win them now, or buy them later, if it's affordable. Nice to see some pictures, you look happy. Did Charles enjoy the concert? How about the "littlest Leaker"? Looks like you had fun! Love you.

  2. You look really different with bangs. I'm not sure what to make of it, I think I need to see you in person. But then again, I want to see you in person sometime anyways.

  3. you totally stole that title from me, my first facebook album is "random picture diary of my life"

  4. *oops* it was accidental, promise!
    cool name though.
    Hey, imitation is the highest form of flattened...I mean flattered. :P

  5. yeah don't worry, i do the same thing all the time usually subconsciously, i just wrote an exam about which involved a question about mimicking others haha