Tuesday, March 06, 2007

not online much

My computer's internet is down again. I have to buy a new computer. Not so much for the internet, that actually isn't even a factor, but instead for school. I need MS Office and I'm not willing to borrow someone's copy and it's almost the same price (about $200 more) to just buy a new computer with MS Office, and this way I'd actually have my own instead of still borrowing someone else's. I'm not impressed, but it's a necessity, not just a luxury item. So, that's the plan.

So I'm not ignoring you all out in blogger world, I've just not had adequate access to the internet. Now I have to go to work. Will blog more later. I don't know when later is.

much love,


  1. "if I had a million dollars....." know the song? ".....I'd buy you that computer...." Are PC's better, because the school uses them? Is the phone down too? Call us. Love ya!!

  2. computers are the epitomy of evil and we should explode an electromagnet in the upper atmosphere to destroy them all. Sure it would probably collapse civilization as we know it, but I feel that is a small price to pay for freedom...that and it might mean people have something to talk about other than Britney Spears...

  3. Yeah, if we all got back to writting letters and writting books by hand... maybe use a typewriter (for those who still are addicted to keyboards)
    and Book Binding! Ahh, yes, the old practice of book binding. I like that idea.
    Anywho, I agree, computers are a forced necessity (so they are frustrating).

  4. by book binding, I don't mean with automated machines that stitch the pages together or the glued ones either. I mean good ol' fashioned hand stitched vellum!

  5. We had the frustration of having to buy a new computer just before school started in September, although it is nice to have something that actually works properly for once (and is worth more than our car, or frankly, anything we own).

  6. I'll agree with consensus, computers are evil, but PC's are definitely better than Mac's when it comes to software compatibility. Anywho, when you have some time for a long reading session you should check out my weird week that started on Monday.