Saturday, March 10, 2007


Yesterday I finished my keyboarding class!! I now have a guaranteed 100% in one class. I'm very excited. At the end of each semester each student in a keyboarding class gets a 'speed card' that indicates how fast they can type, mine currently says 87 w.p.m. I'm going to go to class on Monday (Josh has been giving me rides anyway, so I might as well go to class), and see if I can up my speed so that my speed card will read 90 w.p.m., that's my goal. I'm so excited that I'm done now. My teacher was just thrilled to congratulate me and she seems really amazed that I can type that fast. It's really cool to be encouraged by a teacher like that. (I can actually type about 25 w.p.m. faster than her, heehee)

Yesterday I wanted to quit Sobeys, but I'm over it now. My boss just reamed me out before I finished serving my first customer...for a really stupid thing. I was helping a customer, but walked away (about 20 feet) to the produce dept. to grab something and apparently 'a line up of 6 people formed in the time it took [me] to run over there', exaggeration? yes. What makes me so darn angry is that if a line up formed, why doesn't she just bloody well jump on cash to keep the customers happy, instead of standing there angry, tapping her foot? Or better yet, she could go to the produce department and get what I needed, instead of chatting it up and watching lines form and customers become angry, one more option: make sure everyone's doing their friggin job, including all managers. I'm not nearly as angry or upset as I was last night. Honestly. So, I'm not quitting my job, I'm just angry that some people get away with murder, and those of us who are doing our job (say for instance, serving the customer), get in trouble. Y'know, because THAT makes sense).

In other news, I'm almost finished my portfolio assignment for my class on Monday, which is worth 25% of my mark. I just have to correct one thing and I don't have any white-out, so I'll try and borrow some from Penny on Monday and fix it before class. Then it's done! :)

I have a sink load of dishes, I need a shower, a floor full of clothes, and a to-do list that's a mile long. And I'm on the internet...gosh I need to get my priorities in order. I have to go by the college today to do some work that neither my boss or I could get to yesterday, but it needs to be done by Monday; going dress shopping with Lisa; and I'm working at Sobeys tonight. I also need to clean my apartment because Deb is coming over tomorrow afternoon and I just picked up a 7-2 shift (which means I have to miss church!) :( so I can't clean it tomorrow morning. Gah. Busy life. ... have to go now.



  1. First, Congratulations!!! Life can get rather busy.
    Bosses usually pick on the good workers, because they're the ones that care, the lazy ones don't care what others think, if they did, they'd work! Also, if you're a good worker, inefficiency and unfairness get under your skin, and when you're upset, you're not likely to charm and entertain the bosses, you might complain. Bosses don't like that. Try to do your best, keep smiling and don't let things get to you, it only hurts you. I tell myself, "life isn't fair", let it go and carry on. It can be hard. Talk to me and friends that are good listeners, to get it off your chest. And give it to God. Bosses that care, do see what's going on. XO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I have a sink load of dishes, I need a shower, a floor full of clothes, and a to-do list that's a mile long. And I'm on the internet...

    How is it that you can see me right now???? Do you have spy cameras? Really?

    hehe. Ok, ok... I'm off to tackle MY dishes/clothes/to do list. ongrats on the keyboarding course! Woohoo!

  3. See... even when you are really really busy you still find time to blog. I'm still holding to my idea before that your previous lapse in blogging was because of a boy. How is the boy by the way?

  4. Yup, the busy life - I'm almost there - by tomorrow I'll be working non-stop till the end of the semester! Nice one on the typing speed too! The last time I tested myself was on my parent's old computer (over ten years ago) and I got up to 30 wpm. I'm sure I'm faster now... maaaybe...

  5. i personally find the sound of extremely fast typing to be very intriguing and soothing.