Friday, March 16, 2007

almost a week later

Hi Everyone!

It's been almost a week since I've blogged and I know your just dying to know how things are going. That or you want something else to distract you from your homework than your usually YouTube-ness.

At least these are the things I tell myself. Instead I just want to blog before I go away for the weekend and tell you about my crazy week. Mind you, most weeks for me are pretty crazy.

I've been pretty busy with school and work, like usual. Last Sunday morning I offered to take my friend Steve's shift at work, and I got up at 5:30 am for it...and went. When I went to punch in there was another girl there to work the same shift. Boy was I upset. Since the next bus didn't come for another hour and a half, I walked to the Leaker's and sat outside for about 1/2 hour until I heard someone moving around. That morning I went to church with the Leaker's and got to see some camp people and others (like Ty, from Sobeys) that I hadn't seen in a while, which was really nice! :) I was just not overly impressed at getting up really early. Oh well.

What else? Did I ever tell you about the fact our school had a bomb threat about a month ago? It did.

We've also had 2 1/2 snow days. The snow is now gone.

On Wednesday I had a ridiculous day. Someone who is not my boyfriend kissed me on the cheek (and yes it was a boy), I had a job interview that went exceptionally well, and my friends and I floated around on a dingy in a flooded soccer field of a shopping centre. ...

This image is of me and my friends with the police officer that told us to get out of the water. We had tons of fun. hahaha.

So yeah, Wednesday was crazy.

Right now I'm in my second of three classes for the day, after which I'm going to the PTC to work and then I go straight to Sobeys until 11 tonight. Charles will pick me up and we're going to his house for the weekend. (well it's his parents, so no need to stress or worry) I'll be meeting his grandparents tomorrow night! :)

I might be around sometime next week to blog briefly.



  1. PS-I look HUGE in those pics...I was wearing tons of clothes. Honest!

  2. I believe you. And who's stressing? Not me :) We have total trust in you. So I can't even call, you won't be home. Call when you can and enjoy your weekend.
    Right, it looks like you all had fun, judging from the big grins, the officer looks like he's sorry he can't join in ;) BIG XO!!!!!

  3. you're not your, i'm shocked at your lack of grammar :P haha I know that you are now kicking yourself for making such a mistake. SOunds like a fun week! Are you going to be at the alt?

  4. Way to get in trouble with the law!

  5. i bet he just wanted to get some phone numbers...cops are all the same, pulling over innocent bystanders, flirting with I hated that guy.......uh, i gotta go