Thursday, March 01, 2007

seriously hating school right now

I just finished a really stupid assignment! We're learning Access 2002 and it's such a headache. My teacher is a great lady, but has no command over the classroom and seems to stress the trivial things and skim over the more complicated points. Yesterday she assigned us reading, half the textbook! We had to answer the questions at the end of Lab 1 (the book is divided into 2 labs), which meant reading most of the stupid book because it asks the most ridiculous questions. I hate theory. Then, to top it off, I'm looking something up in the index and at least once the page number listed in the index had absolutely nothing to do with what it's supposed to. Of course, the book is poorly laid out and so I have to read the page, twice over (in case I'm misunderstanding something), only to discover, this really has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I'm looking for-which happened to be Navigation Mode, by the way.

It's not so much school, as the books. Time and time again I'm coming across errors (spelling, typos, etc.) in my textbooks-that I paid a lot of money for. I feel like I should be an editor. I can't even remember how many errors I've found, I almost have half a mind to write each of them and ask for a refund, partially because I'm poor and partially because I think if I'm being charged ridiculous amounts of money I should be getting a decent product.

I'm sorry. I know that mistakes happen (haha, when I first spelled mistakes it came out 'mistkaes'), I'm just a little frustrated and way over-tired right now.

The weekend is almost here!

I got out of work (@ Mohawk) early today because the school shut down due to the storm watch. Unfortunately I lost 2 hours of work, fortunately I got some much needed sleep.

I'll find out about 7am tomorrow whether there's school or not tomorrow. I'm kind of hoping no, just because I want a day to clean. Charles is coming over for dinner and since my borrowed futon is now gone, I need to vaccuum and rearrange things. I'd like to have it done before he comes and if I have school he's picking me straight up from there. Oh well, we'll see.

Again, the weekend is almost here...the I AM COMING benefit is tomorrow night, I work Saturday and then Charles & I are going to Deb's band concert @ HD. It'll be another busy weekend, but I'll catch up on sleep...eventually.



  1. No one was home, we had bible study and your bro was out. I think, you should be able to expect a good product, if you pay good money for it. Praying for you! Love you!
    XOXOXO Mom

  2. anybody else find it ironic (or at least mildly entertaining)(or wildly entertaining) that the directions on how to find NAVIGATION mode were wrong? Anyone? Anyone?

  3. Iy'know Darrell, I was so bothered by my homework I didn't even notice it. Now that you mention it though, it's hilarious...really!

  4. I would definitely complain to someone (other than us) about that book if it's so poorly edited. We have a "joke" book that we got for Christmas lst year from a relative that has some not too bad quotes and such in it, but is ridiculously edited! Not sure what to do about that one, since we didn't have to pay for it though.

  5. I want to CUT IT UP!

    Well, there's my editorial/critical side. That "joke" book needs some serious editing... REALLY SERIOUS EDITING (if it was edited at all). Yeah, I agree with Kristine. I'm not sure what kind of theory you're studying, but I'd say literary theory would be much better. A little more philosophical I guess.