Saturday, March 24, 2007

NEW news...

What is happening in Hamilton?


I got the summer job at the college!!
I may possibly quit Sobeys, or better yet take a leave of absence so that I can have one summer free. woot!
I aced the ACCESS test that the majority of class failed or barely passed.
I got bangs.
I bought groceries!
I'm going to see Jars of Clay on April 3.
I have THE most amazing man in the world. Honestly.

Guess what? On Thursday Charles came and picked me up from work to take me out for dinner and grocery shopping. He parked in front of the college, got out of the truck and came around to open my door...aww. I told him I feel kind of silly when he does that, but not to misunderstand, I DO appreciate it. You know what he said? He feels like a king when he opens the door for me, because I deserve to be treated like royalty. Then, he had brought me flowers, "just because." I'm just so happy. *giggle giggle, grin grin* It's more than just the things he does for me, but it's amazing to be with someone who is so happy to be with me-and wants to make sure everyone knows it. He's proud of me!! :) Oh! He'll be flying to Richmond this week to fix something at the airport, so he says to think of things I want him to bring back. I'm thinking, photo albums! What else? I never remember what I have, except for photo albums.

Mami, I'll try to call you tonight to give you more details about Charles coming out and what I want. I also want to call because it's finally the weekend and I don't have to get up ridiculously early tomorrow. Six days of 6 am starts are not my cup of tea. I will talk to you later.

As for the rest of you...leave me a comment.

love, niki


  1. This is a comment. I find it really funny how giddy you are. I laugh at you often.

  2. Yeah, it's really funny. It's funny how Kristine was giddy too!
    Heh heh heh!

    We still have those times. :)

  3. I want to see pictures of your bangs!

  4. Loved all the pics of your weekend at the farm!

  5. Did you know that Hamilton became a city in 1846 and was named after George Hamilton? Think about that! know, or not.

  6. You're so cute. I hope you make it out here this summer so that we can have some more late-night conversations.

    I, for one, need to vent.

    Plus, I like listening to you vent back.