Tuesday, March 20, 2007

farm girl!

I forgot that I said I would post...although I think it was just yesterday that I wrote that, so I'm not too far behind. Tuesdays are always a really long day and so I feel like it's Thursday by the time the day is kind of over. Right now for instance, it's 9:30 (ish) and I left my house before 8 this morning and only JUST got home. ugh.

So...I'll post some pictures:
This calf was born on Friday, there was one born on Saturday, and another was born yesterday!

Here is a picture of Charles and I on the back deck with the dogs, Dodge & Willy.

This one is of me testing out the tent that Charles got when he won the camping gear set from Roll up the Rim! Yes...we tested it INSIDE. :)

Here we are driving the Gator, on our way to Sylvia's farm to gather maple syrup. Just like I remember reading in the Little House books! Except, much easier. All we had to do was pour the sap into buckets and carry it to a larger tank. We get the easy work...for now.

This one is of Charles pouring the sap into the big tank that his dad will use to transport it to the maple syrup farm guy.

Here's Charles' dad feeding the newest calf. This picture was taken on Sunday-when the calf was only a day old.

Here's another picture of the calf...she's so cute!

Here's us at the maple syrup farm where we went for pancakes on Sunday after lunch. Can you see the syrup bubble in the hose? There were tons of the hoses all over the bush, they have hundreds, probably even thousands of trees tapped for sap each year! Crazy.

Finally, this is us on Sunday lunch at Chambers, an awesome pancake house that's only open on the weekends for 6-8 weeks a year, during maple syrup season. We went for lunch with his parents and two other couples, had lots of fun!

So...that is my weekend in pictures. What's so funny about me as a farm girl? Seriously... I'm excited, having SO much fun.

Hope everyone is having a Happy Tuesday! (a newly coined term after a God-inspired encouragement idea/moment my friend Wendy had) ...enjoy!



  1. Hey, you're looking great! Farm life seems to be good for you. You look happy :) Cute calf; I saw one being born when I was 11 yrs. and I got to name it. I named it "Mia". And finally some photos of Charles! Thank-you for all those nice pics!!

  2. Aw, farm syrup! Lucky you!
    Did you get to have syrup on a stick? It's great!

    Yup, I've got this thing for farm food - being part Mennonite and all.

    Great, now you got me thinking about it. *grumble-grumble*