Sunday, February 11, 2007

good night

Tonight was so good!!! Actually, the entire day was awesome.

This morning Mrs. Leaker picked me up a bit before 9, and I had breakfast at their house. Then, I did my taxes and found out I have a little over $1000 coming back at me (including GST), for my 2004 tax return (a little late, I know), and once I get my T4's for last year, I'll be getting even more. Bonus!! Also, after that was done, Deb & I went out to play in the snow, and we had so much fun. She's got a goofy video of me dancing in the snow and laughing my head off; and I have one of her 'playing' baseball by herself. It was good times. Weird? Yes, but SO fun.

Then I went to work, where I had a GREAT time. I've really been enjoying my shifts at Sobeys because I'm only there a couple times a week, and not for too long at any one time. My boss is also really happy with my performance at work (I'm one of the top performers for speed & accuracy), and I just get along really well with everyone. So, work is good.

Finally, Chuck came and picked me up from work and we had our date night. It do I describe it? It was amazing. We went to Subway for dinner and then drove around downtown Hamilton to find Copps Coliseum, because neither of us knew where it was. It was funny because I (the 'foreigner') was able to tell him where to go, and I helped him find it. I thought it was funny anyway. So then we watched the Hamilton Bulldogs, our team won! Yay. The best part though, came after when we went to Tim Horton's and had an awesome talk. We had a great conversation, better than I've ever had with anyone I've dated, really. It was great to be able to talk about all sorts of things, it was really, really, really good. It was hard to say goodnight, but he still has a 45 minute drive home. I'm feeling really positive. And he was the one that brought up how he's been praying for us and how he's keeping his heart in check, HE BROUGHT IT UP. Oh man this is good. God is good, great, amazing, bountiful blessings, perfect, loving...God is sooooooo wow. I've had a wow moment.


  1. Its always good to hear how happy you are.

  2. Love will do that to you. It will also make you silly, which is a scary thought... Nicole even sillier! Yikes!

  3. Kristine, I'll have you know, my daughter is a very thoughtful, smart, wholesome young lady, full of joy, not silly. There.

  4. er... Dad here... now don't be silly Nicole...