Monday, February 12, 2007

few thoughts

cool quote: Happiness is based on circumstance; joy is not.

I've been changing and people have noticed. I like that. I'm not sure that I've changed all that much, maybe I have. Some people have said that I've grown a lot and that I'm more confident, and more in love with Jesus. I don't know-I love Jesus and have always loved him. I don't think that I love him anymore than I have, aside from the fact that when you experience more of life, you have a greater appreciation for it; therefore, I've experienced more, meaning I can love more. Does that make sense? I don't know for sure, but what I do know is that we judge each other too much and talk behind each other's backs, WAY too often. I know that I screw up too, but I'd just like to say I'm thankful for those that talk to me straight up and tell me what's on their mind. This is all on my mind because someone came to me and shared concerns about things he had heard and wanted to let me know. I appreciate that.

And so now, I'm sorry to those I've hurt. I've been trying really hard, especially lately to not talk about others behind their backs. Gossip is something I've always had trouble with, but God has been gracious and friends have been forgiving. Generally if it's something that bothers me enough, I'll talk to the person, it's usually just the stupid little things that can tear people down that are so unnecessary that I'm stupid about. I'm sorry.

In my devotions I've been falling in love with God and quiet time all over again...well, with God all over again. I've never really even enjoyed quiet time, but lately, it's AWESOME. I wake up and feel better and am more confident about starting the day, because I know that God is on my side. This last week I read a story about a man travelling along the road with his son and his son asked if they could stop so he could pick berries. After a while the dad needs to get going but his son doesn't want to stop picking berries, and his dad's pleas weren't enough to get his son to listen. So, the dad, not wanting to leave his son behind, says to his son "you can keep picking berries, but I'm going to start on my way. To make sure you know I'm still here, I will call out to you, and as long as you hear my voice, you may keep picking berries. But, as soon as you no longer hear me, know that you're lost and you must run with all your strength to find me. I love that. God, our father, gives us the choice to walk away, but lets us know he's still there. Then, he urges us to run to him when we're lost-which gives me the impression that he'll be waiting, expectantly, with open arms. He loves us enough to let us go and will always love us when we're ready to return to him. I know these truths, I just loved the story.

And on a completely other topic, I'm making valentines cookies. mmm. I made 50 of them. Once these last ones are finished baking, it'll be time to make the icing and have fun decorating. woo-hoo. Fun times!



  1. Reading your post, I thought you had hurt somebody with gossip, not that it's been done to you, now I realize, you said sorry for any times you might have hurt someone in the past. People will yap, I've gone to people and confronted them about what they said, like spreading false rumors at work. If they're friends, you should be able to talk to them, or else, they're not friends.XO

  2. Glad to hear you are loving life and God! God has been blessing you in many ways, it's exciting to read all the amazing things he has done for you! When camp re-opens (hoping)up one day you will make a great office administrator!!

  3. that is a good story (although, it's hard to go wrong with a story about berries).

  4. Hmmm... cookies...
    by the way, happy Valentine's Day! Hope you and your Chuck are having a good one ;)
    Kristine and I aren't doing much today (mostly because we both have class and she's in an evening class now - but we did split some pretty good tiramisu).

  5. So apparently, once people get boyfriends no one ever hears from them again. Youo haven't posted your usual five-million posts a week. I hope I wasn't like that. I just hope that Sharky and I annoyed people together instead. If we at least got on your nerves, I'l consider it mission acomplished!