Friday, January 12, 2007

it's the weekend!

I'm excited for a break. I only worked 15 hours this week, which is significantly less than my ridiculous schedule last semester but it was more than enough. I'm really hoping that I can get through the semester on less hours and here's hoping that Sobeys will make up the difference. I really don't want to have to pick up more hours at Sobeys (evenings), I'll just have to watch my expenses a little more closely.

That just reminded me, I was going to deposit a few cheques (from Christmas) today and I forgot. I'll do it tomorrow, I have the whole day off! :)

Today was pretty good-I really had no need to be stressed, of course I always realize that AFTER the fact. The broken lock was entirely not my fault, my boss didn't actually leave me a key for it. ...

School went well, I was able to hand in all my assignments, I got all the textbooks I need for now (buying one later in the semester) and things are good. I have a little bit of homework I can do over the weekend, and I will-but not to the point of stresing out. I've been having fun doing my typing homework.

I'm just taking a break from it, I just typed 112 words per minute!! :) (with 100% accuracy). Mind you, it wasn't a very long timing, it was just one short paragraph-but still, we need 40 wpm to graduate. hee hee. I have a feeling that my teacher doesn't like me though and I think she might try and accuse me of cheating if I do all my homework as quick as I think I'm going to. After all, I'm about 1/4 way done the homework, so I'm definitely going to have it finished before winter break. (I better have, anyway). I'm just going to do my best and not stress about what she thinks though. We have to do in class assignments anyway, so she'll be able to see that I'm not getting someone else to do my work.

Anyways, super excited about a quiet weekend. Give me some time to tidy up and plan my back-to-school party which should be happening next Saturday night (keep it open guys).

Love Niki


  1. Party? I'm totally in!

    ...well, in spirit =P

  2. Your dad is having a quiet weekend, I'm galavanting around and got to hold a little baby! Rob will have to bring his nephew by, or maybe grandpa will. I hope you got your quiet weekend.:)

  3. Nic -
    Often the people who we think don't like us, are the very people who "admire" us. Give the teacher a break... she'll probably turn out to be a good asset for you down the road.