Sunday, December 03, 2006

"oh hey look"

(setting: Josh in the drivers seat, Laura in the passenger, Niki in the back driving down Upper Paradise at 1130 Sunday night, Josh sees a garbage bag in the middle of the road)

Niki: oh hey, whats that?
Laura: i think it's a bag of garbage
Josh: oh hey, look
"Josh drives over the bag, looks in the rearview mirror*
Josh: uh oh
Laura: Josh! I don't want dirty garbage under my car
Josh: its ok, oh hey look
*Josh stops the car, puts in reverse, but to no avail-the garbage is still stuck*
Josh: uh oh
Laura: Josh! Get rid of it, I don't want that under my car
*Josh starts driving all over the road, trying to swerve to get the garbage to come loose, to no avail*
Josh: oh hey look, we'll get it out when we pull into Niki's driveway
Laura: ...
Niki: hahaha
*Josh pulls into the driveway and the garbage becomes dislodged*
Laura: hey look, it's gone!
Niki: hahaha
Josh: oh hey look
Laura: is it your garbage day tomorrow?

Those two make me laugh. Tonight was so fun, my tummy hurts from laughing so much! After church we went to Liz's house (I'd made a big enough mess of my house for one day with the boys for lunch and dinner) and played (read: cheated) at Pictionary.

Josh: hey niki, whats that look like to you?
Niki: a chainsaw?
*laughter all around*
Josh: it's a safety pin!!

Liz: you're SO random jared, never does that come in handy except for things like this...why are you so random?!
Jared: yuk yuk

Josh: rome, it's rome!
Laura: wow, they guessed it
Liz: we cheated
Laura: how?

man...good memories

I'm sick, like sniffling, sneezing, runny nose, sore body kind of sick...but I'm still doing pretty good. Only six more classes (two each Mon-Wed) and then I'm done!! :) Then exams start 8:30 Thursday morning *ick*. I'm so ready for Christmas break. Guess what guys? 15 days until I fly home!!! Aren't you excited? We all know I am. Actually, technically it's now after midnight so only 14 days! yipee

Still super excited about a great driving lesson yesterday. I want to save up money to take lessons next summer, how cool would that be? Then maybe get a car? Even cooler!! Really have to start saving, big time.

I should be in bed now. *so happy*


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  1. Yes, we're excited too! Sorry I missed your calls. See you soon! XOXOXO