Saturday, December 02, 2006

DRIVING! (pt. 2)

I went driving and *wow*. I love it. Pretty freakin scary, but sooooo sweet. I did such a good job today! Mr L drove me to the furthest industrial park and weI drove through there, around buildings and practiced parking and even had to reverse around a building at one point and lots of turns (that signalling ticker is annoying). Then I drove through a residential neighbourhood for a long time going up and down streets and little hills and then back to the same industrial park for some more practice at turns and stopping. Then Mr L told me to get on to the main road (!!) and I drove along a busy street with lots of other cars *yay* and then went to the industrial park where his office is located and we picked me up a desk! Then, I thought it was over-but nooo, I got to get in the drivers seat again and take us (almost) back to my place to drop off the desk. I didn't drive the whole way home because its really busy on Saturdays and I'm not *quite there* yet. But it was my BEST ever driving day and I did sooooo good, and, and, and...I'm just super excited. I haven't been driving in a few months, so it was super exciting.

Did I mention I liked driving? *happily dances around the room* Seriously!!

In other news, I'm getting rather sick *doh*. Nothing can make me sad though...seriously, SO giddy about driving. After driving I went to the LeaKers for lunch (waffles!), mmm. Then I quickly got a ride to work, because I thought I worked at 130, and I started at 1. oops. So then I worked, bought some groceries *yipee*, and then Matt & Kyleski picked me up to go to Wendy's where we had dinner and watched some Star Trek. All in all, a really good day.

Now I'm going to go gargle with some salt (eww) and go to bed. I'm so excited, life is grand.



  1. You watched Star Trek? I don't picture you as much of a Star Trek kind of person.

  2. i don't care how annoying that ticker is, keep using it!

  3. It's my fault she watched Star Trek.