Friday, December 01, 2006

the d-l or is it l-d? uh, the latest

Shopping was, well, less than I'd hoped for. It was just one of those 'nothing fits' days, really discouraging. We got her socks! And I got a new nice shirt for my dinner next week.

I have a headache, I'll be going to bed very soon.

No party on the 15th, or at any time in December. Instead we're having a Going Back to School/Belated New Years/Ukranian Christmas party in the beginning of January. Get stoked folks, it's gonna be the party that rocks the party. Or something like that.

I have two more tests, no more assignments, then 6 exams and then ta-da! I'm done. For this semester. I'm happy. We had a pretty heated discussion in Human Relations today in which the girl I don't get along with lashed out at me. That girl really needs to just relax.

Umm, it is REALLY windy out. I've been wearing wet pants all day. Every time they get close to drying, I go outside again and get all wet all over again. Yet, I'm still wearing them. wait...not anymore, ahhh pj's.

Bedtime. 9:30. Bed. aaah, glorious night sleep awaits..."I'm coming!!" oh dang...I just realized my bed isn't made. The futon looks so tempting tonight. Nah, I'll suck it up and make my bed. nighty-night.


PS-mom & dad...sorry I haven't talked to you much lately, I miss you and love you more-can't go higher, can't go lower, can't go the same...beat ya!! Call you tomorrow? Thanks again for the help w/ school and the shuffle, I loooove it. Only 18 days left!! (almost only 17). *hugs*


  1. You are welcome!! Right back to you, love you too!! Hey, your dad and I have headaches too. We'll talk tomorrow:)XO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So you were STRIPPING as you were blogging to us?!? My goodness... avert your eyes, Blog-readers! Then again, I do have a very flattering picture of you in a towel and sneakers...