Thursday, November 30, 2006

some days you just need to have a flood

So, flood #2 in this place. Why, oh why? And both times right before work, why?? At least I know it'll get fixed properly this time. My toilet has been acting up and now it's getting fixed, by a real live plumber (as opposed to a dead one who drowned on the job...that'd just be disgusting, and really counter-productive). I'm excited for a working toilet, and one day even a dry carpet. *yay*
What else? I have a very important test tomorrow (part of my final exam) and I'm feeling so unprepared. I'm also handing in my journal which is worth 20% of my mark.
Tomorrow is also shopping with Debbie day, yay! Looking forward to that.
I'm freezing cold (we have a fan running to dry the carpet) so it's taking a lot more effort to type than usual. I really should just do some studying, so off I go to try and prep myself for two tests tomorrow. I had two tests today, Too many tests lately. Almost done, almost done...hang in there kid.


PS-my party may not actually be December 15, I promised Deb I'd go to her school concert and its on that day. So umm, we'll find a time...eventually.


  1. I flooded our toilet a little while back. Some of the chains and such in the back tank are a little finicky, so it just happens that this one time I plugged the toilet AND the chains also got got in the tank and it kept running. So while our bathroom floor was filling up with water, I had to 1) Figure out what was going on nd 2) actually fix it. Then I used up at least 8 towels sopping up the water. YUCK!