Monday, December 04, 2006

Firefighter Calenders


I have some very opinionated thoughts about Firemen calenders but I want to know your opinion first. What do you think about firemen calenders? Good? Bad? Other? Why?

Please comment.


  1. Well, the money from the calendar sales goes to the burn fund, to help burn victims, so that's good. The firefighters are wearing clothes, maybe not always a shirt, but you see more when you go to the beach, then in the photos. Is that the controversy? The way they pose? I don't see a problem. What are your strong opinions?

  2. they never pick my picture...i thought the bubbles were tastefully placed...

  3. my honest opinion is that I don't really have an issue with it, buti haven't really thought about it much.

  4. Well my opinion is varied especially after the whitehorse firefighter calender i got one time eek they were like not hot guy just the ones that work there and some looked a little fruity if you catch my drift definately not the pick of the crop but oh well i figure if its a calander that is supporting a foundation sure why not atleast the guys are usually half clothed compared to the female calenders and well i think you see more in a magazine ad anyways but thats my opinion