Sunday, December 31, 2006


I drove!!! Today I went driving w/ my parents down at Pitt Lake and although it wasn't very long, it was loads of fun. Especially when my dad was trying to take a picture of me w/ his camera phone and he couldn't figure out why he kept getting shots of the dashboard...maybe if he knew to turn the camera around! But no, instead he just said it must be a ghost driving. Silly Papi.

So then tonight we went to Hazel & Peter's for dinner (more on that in a later post) and I got to drive home. Soooo fun, for once I drove in a busy section of town-across two major roadways (not along them though, not yet!), and even mastered getting into our crazy driveway. Getting out of that driveway on the other hand will take another couple YEARS of practice, or a good set of hedge trimmers so we can actually see the oncoming traffic. Anyways, great times.

I'll post more later, I'm sleepy and I got church in the am. Maybe I'll drive there too!!! :)


  1. Remind me to stay off the road in Maple Ridge while you are in town. :P

    Anyways, plenty of new stuff to read in my blog, just make sure you have time to spare.

  2. just remember that the faster you go the, uh, LESS likely it is you will get a ticket. Yeah. And if a cop pulls you over, just cry and he'll let you off. At least, it works for me...