Monday, January 01, 2007


I had said that I would say more on dinner w/ Hazel & Peter, here I go. We had a delicious Dutch meal with Kale, Potatoes & Sausage (Peter is Friisian-which is in Holland). It was soooo good. He's a good cook!

After dinner we had pumpkin pie and spanish coffees, and a whole lot of conversation. It feels so good to be treated like an adult and be included in the conversation! We had some really good talks about Christianity and what it means and how we as Christians are 'supposed' to act, and how to live a life pleasing to Christ. It was so good, and I was able to draw from what I learned at bible school. A really good talk. :)

Yesterday was New Years Eve (in case you already forgot) and the last Sunday I was here in MR. I went to church in the morning and caught up with a bunch of people (like usual), including my good friend Rob L. In the afternoon Shannon came over and we went to the church family skate together which was lots of fun (except for the fall). I had said before we went on to the ice "the last thing I need to do is break my leg", and I did really good until nearly the end when I fell and the weight of my body landed on my right knee. It's really painful. After the skate we lost our ride and so Shannon called Rob (who she's never met) to come and get us and we went back to my place to bring in the New Year w/ chips and movies. Bronwyn came over and Rob (after dropping us off and doing a couple things) came back and celebrated with us. My parents came home early so we watched Cars together (Mami actually went to bed).

Happy New Years!!

I'm so excited that Shannon is here! She spent the night, and depending on the transit system and other things, she might stay over again tonight, which would mean she'll come to our family reunion. I don't know what's happening yet, but I'm going to have to shower so we can do something more than just sit and check our e-mails all day.

So yeah, tonight is the Sobeys family reunion out in White Rock! I'm very excited to see Del & Art and Lori & Martin and the boys. It's been 2 years since I've seen most of the family, I'm sure the boys are really big now (Trev is 16! eek).

Going to check the transit system.

Love, niki

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