Saturday, December 30, 2006

whirlwind week

I'm tired. I've seen so many people, it's been great, but now I'm tired.

I haven't posted a funny adventure story lately, so here is one from today:

This morning I woke up at 6:49 am and thought "heck, this is too early", turned over and fell back asleep. Keep in mind, I do NOT have an alarm clock but I DO have plans for today.


10 am, the phone has just rung, I'm groggy, kinda cranky and just woke up-thinking it must be about 8:30 am. Wrong!! I think I hear someone knocking at the door, but Chubbs aka "doorbell" hasn't barked, so I think "nah, must be my imagination", I'm about to turn over and fall back asleep (remember I don't realize what time it is), but I have the presence of mind to ask my dad for the time. 10am.

...10 am?? AHH, that IS a door knock, Kris & Sharky are here, I'm in my pj's and no one woke me up, eventhough I clearly told mom I was going for coffee at 10. (I guess I should've clarified that I needed to be poked awake no later than 9, but I also didn't think I'd sleep 12 hours).

So, mom answers the door, I run around getting dressed, avoiding my guests so as not to knock them unconscious with my morning breath. clarification: I didn't actually RUN around getting dressed...umm, I was running around getting ready, yes that's the word, READY.

So, we went for a Timmy's and then back to Kristine's parents place to hang out, look at pictures and take some not-so-flattering pictures on their new camera. (lack of shower this morning=ugly hair day) We had a great visit and before we knew it, it was 2 pm! So they dropped me off.

This is where the story REALLY gets fun. I reach into my purse for my key.

No key.

I stand on the front porch for a couple minutes pondering my breaking-in skills and remember that I'm wearing slip-on mocassins, dress pants and a pea coat-not exactly what one would wear to commit the act of breaking & entering.

So, I go to Theresa's (the faithful neighbour who is ALWAYS home when I lose/forget my key-which is often). She's not home. And it's starting to snow. It's getting better!

So I walk into the 'ghetto' of Hammond and feel very self-conscious as I'm walking by homes that would put David Alexander (MR's own rubbish collector) to shame. I get to the corner store because I'm going to use the payphone to call my dad's cell.

The payphone only takes cards. Since when does a payphone in Hammond of all places only take phone cards? That's STUPID!! These are the people that bring shopping carts home, they're not going to have phone cards! So the nice lady in the store who has no idea that I'm a) Dave's daughter or b) her daughter's old classmate, lets me use their phone, but no answer on Papi's cell. Which is weird, very weird.

So I walk around the neighbourhood with the constipated clouds trying to give us snow (that's for you, Sharky) ;) All the while wondering where my parents are and who else still lives in the neighbourhood I could borrow a phone from, that would be home in the middle of a workday.

As I'm nearing my parents place again, Theresa's sons pull up in their car, so I get to borrow a phone and go inside to wait. Guess what? Their back door was open! I could've just snuck in. Dangit. My dad still wasn't answering his cell, so I tried my mom's (thankfully she has one) and apparently she had a feeling I forgot my key, so she was expecting my call.

I finally got home.

What a day. And that was only until 3pm!

I had a nap (catching up with people makes you really tired, apparently) after the lost key episode. I woke up in time to brush my teeth and go to my Nana's for dinner. Again, no shower-still very gross hair. (why doesn't someone get me up earlier?!)

We had a great dinner @ Nana's and my mom and I had a great talk with my grandma, she's an incredible lady. My grandpa, on the other hand is...well, amusing to say the least. For example:

We're sitting down eating dinner and Papa says, "What, no dessert?" and Nana just laughs and says, "yes, but just wait". Papa: "I'm done, I want my pie". Nana: "well, I'm not, you'll have to wait" Papa's response? (very typical): "I don't see what that has to do with anything"...oh man, not a whole lot of tact and kind of selfish. My grandma is great though, just laughs it off and doesn't worry about giving him his pie, until she's ready. I love her, she's so good for him.

Wow, my hand hurts from so much typing, and I haven't even finished one day yet-and I haven't even blogged in a whole week. You faithful readers are wonderful, I'm sorry for the excessively long post.

So, quickly in a nutshell: After dinner Papi dropped me off at Joy's to watch movies and I just got home. We had lots of fun, too much food and good company. :)

This last week has been kind of a whirlwind.
Sunday-Church in the morning & Christmas dinner @ Bronwyn's *yum* and C-Eve Service @ church
Monday-Mischo came for stockings and we had a quiet morning, watching the dogs attack their tennis ball Christmas presents. Then, to Nana's in the afternoon for presents & dinner. I made scrapbooks for Nana & Papa and Mami & Papi, and they were a hit! I was so excited. :) There was a religious discussion as is customary anytime our family gets together, and true to tradition my opinion got ignored right along with me, entirely. The one thing I have a slightly educated opinion about, you know-going to Bible school and all-and I'm not even allowed to talk. GAH! Anyway...otherwise it was a great day.
Tuesday-Shanon came over early to do some baking, *yum* again (where are my sweats when I need em?!), which was very fun. Ryan also came over and we went for lunch and spent the afternoon together. I can't remember what I did that night (sorry if I've forgotten something important here)
Wednesday-We went to Kandy's place (brother's lady friend) for lunch and took some pics w/ the girls (I'll have to upload pictures when I'm back in Hamilton). That night I went to Delta to visit camp ppl! SOOO fun. :)
Thursday-I had slept over in Delta (coolest house EVER), drove to Langley, got dropped off at Leah's-saw Bek and then Rob picked me up and we went to Kate's. That afternoon we went to Old Spaghetti for lunner? and got home when it was dark and had a quiet night at home.

And I already told you today. Wow...long post. It's now almost 2am and now I've gone and woken myself up by writing so much and having to expend so much energy thinking. Must sleep....

love niki


  1. Wow, I feel kind of bad that your adventures happened once we left you there. Glad it all worked out though. Hope to see you again before you go.

  2. Yes, wow.
    And thanks for the honourable mention. Heh-heh, pooping clouds. I'm setting a great example for my nephew.

  3. sad thing is that it never occured to you to call me, cause no only was I most likely at the office, and I could have picked you up and kept you busy until your parents got home, but I have your spare key still.
    Silly Nicole.