Monday, November 27, 2006

just a quick update

I'm at school, but I'm finished my work for today's class and just wasting some time before I go to my next class. I know that there's some of you who just need your daily dose of "niki-ness", so here you go. :)

I had a great weekend, got to see lots of friends! :) Friday night (like I think I already mentioned), I had the MCF over, and we had some good chats. They're a really cool bunch of ppl, I'm really looking forward to getting to know some of them more over the course of this year and hopefully outside of meetings too. Saturday I worked, so unfortunately I missed Brock's birthday party. :( I also had to work late b/c one person didn't show up and our night cashier was late, so I stayed out so that Jessica wasn't too stressed. Then Mr. L gave me a ride home. :) Sunday was church and the Alt. Tyler came to the Alt with me, I missed Laura (in Florida) & all the Heritage ppl-none came! :( Afterwards, a group came to my place where we quickly devoured a chocolate creme pie I made that afternoon. MMM. Then we chased the moon. ...

Now I have to go to class. I'll try and update again later. Oh, and party my house-be there. December 15. Invitations to come.

love niki


  1. That would be me, needing that daily dose. Your quite a little socialite! Where did you get that?? :) XO

  2. I had a dream last night that you updated your BLOG. I think I'm getting addicted to checking these things. That can't be good...

  3. december 15th. that sucks! i vote you have a party on the 17th instead *grin*

    just kidding.