Saturday, November 25, 2006


What a great week!!

School went really well and I'm really happy with all my marks that I got back and nothing was too stressful (unlike last week).

Work was good, not TOO many late nights-and I didn't sleep through any classes!

Last night I had the students in the Mohawk Christian Fellowship over for cupcakes and a movie and it was really fun, there was 7 of us in total (a few had to work or had youth group). Tyler & Tracey, the last two to go, left a little before 1am. So I slept in this morning! I'm really excited that we have this group at school, and it seems that every week I go there's more people there! :) On Sunday when I was visiting People's Church I ran into Katherine, one of the girls from the group, that was really fun. Also, Tyler says that he usually goes to Church on the Rock but doesn't have anyone to sit with-so I invited him to come more often, hopefully he will! :) Tracey too-she lives in rez.

And my bestestestestest news for last!! :) LOOK! what I got yesterday. :) :) :) My parents sent me an Ipod Shuffle and I looooove it! It's soooo great. They even engraved a little personal message on it. *aww*. I REALLY enjoy it and am finally looking forward to bus rides, yessss!!

I also got a few e-mails from friends that I haven't heard to in a while, so that was encouraging. :) Its always nice to know whats going on in other peoples' lives, especially since even those of you that have blogs-never update them! :P



  1. Sweet present! I also heard a good story about you yesterday... it was from someone I'd never met before, but who knew you, and it involved you attempting to play matchmaker with a bunch of people... other than that, I'm going to keep you guessing!

  2. I UPDATE. I just am out of town sometimes.