Wednesday, October 11, 2006

what, me, busy, nooo... ;)

Okay, so maybe I'm a 'little' bit busy. Today was my first MSA (Mohawk Student Association) meeting as a class rep. Well, truthfully it was my first meeting ever, but I'm a class rep-so I guess both are true. It was our AGM, I've never been to such a quick AGM-it only lasted 30 minutes. Amazing! They're smart-they have it at the beginning of the year when people aren't yet comfortable enough to raise questions or concerns, so it flies by. So smart! So yeah, that was the first half of lunch.

Then I went to the Christian club. It was SO cool today. I walked in just as everyone was closing in prayer *tear*...I'd really like to make it on time one of these days. Anyways, so yeah I made it and people were just finishing up. Last week everyone just kind of left right away, but today a couple of us took the initiative and started introducing ourselves to each other and are getting really pumped about actually getting to know each other. I'm thinking, movie night at my house? How fun! So I just e-mailed a few, and hopefully I'll hear back from someone.

Not this weekend though, because I'm going to camp! :) It's staff weekend at Cherith. Which means no manager shift for me on Saturday. Yes Shannon, manager-and I did post about it, so you probably just missed it. Which is completely understandable considering the mass amounts of blogs you and I post and how insanely busy we are with our own lives. So yeah, I'm being trained to do some manager shifts when my direct boss isn't around, and although I've done a number of smaller shifts, last Saturday was my first "REAL" one-9 hours. They asked me to do it again this week, but I'm going to camp. YAY camp! :)

Annnnd. Also speaking of camp, some of you may already know I'm doing an online module. It's called "Cabin Fun" and I'm loving it! Did my first assignment already, next one is due this Friday. We have about 2 due a week, or something like that. They're really fun and it's just one big chat room. I'm lovin it! (mmm...makes me think of McDonald's...which makes me think of food...and now I'm thinking about how this such a weird chain of thoughts...which makes me think about that song, "When I think about Angels"...and, okay, fine I'll stop it here. lol) :)

Today I signed up to be a peer tutor, but for no more than 5 hours a week, for my IWPD class. We'll see how that goes, how I manage it. My teacher gave me a very high recommendation, because traditionally first year students aren't eligible for peer tutoring. But she thinks I can do it. Woo-hoo.

In other school news, I got back our group project from our Document Processing class and our group got....100%! :) So exciting. Our teacher was pointing out the errors in the overall class performance, and so we were a little worried, but we didn't need to be. We even missed one thing (cuz I printed off the wrong sheet-oops!), but she still gave us 100%, because she was so impressed. Man, I love this.

Now, I think I'm going to be late for work if I don't leave now. I still need to go home, make dinner, get changed and catch the bus to work. So busy. But I love it. I love is great. I had a rough last class today that left me in tears, but I'm not going to let one stupid classmate get to me. And she didn't see me cry, which makes me feel better. But now, all's good and I'm off to catch the bus.

Niki :)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! :D
    Love Mom

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICOLE... you old woman of 23, you.

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GILR! Glad to hear that things are going so well! Keep enjoying live!

  4. Happy Happy Birthday, from all of me to you, have a happy birthday and a great day too :) Muah!

  5. Liebe Nicole
    Alles Liebe und Gute zu Deinem Geburtstag aus der Schweiz! Wir wünschen für Dich nur das Beste, ein frohes, glückliches und zufriedenes neues Lebensjahr!
    Ganz feste Umarmung, wir haben Dich lieb!
    Grossmami, Grossvati, Claudia und Albert