Tuesday, October 10, 2006

mmm thanksgiving dinner

My first Thanksgiving in Ontario...mmm it was soooo good! I went to the LeaKer's last night for dinner and like usual it was amazing. I was there pretty early so I helped with a few things, like setting the table for the 10 of us (LeaKer's, J&L, Mr. LeaKer's sister & her friend from England and me) and a few other things, but mostly Mrs LeaKer had it all done already. So instead I just spent time with her and watched on as Matt played with his new Lego.
Last night we also celebrated Deb's birthday (last Thursday) and mine too! :) My gift from the LeaKer's is a pair of earrings, that I get to pick out at Phillip's. It was a great night, and having somewhere to go for Thanksgiving (and my bday) made being away from family easier.
This morning I have class, but its not until 930 and eventhough I knew that I woke up in time for an 8 o'clock class. I've been sitting at school for almost an hour and I still have another nearly hour and a half before class starts. :S I'm going to go and do my communications homework that's due today. I've hardly ever looked at my textbook, it might be a good idea to do that. So, off I go.

niki :)


  1. oh i'm glad your thanksgiving was so good!!! mine was too. it's so nice when things away from family are so good that you almost wonder if you'd have been sad to miss the thanksgiving you experienced had you actually been able to be with your family...