Sunday, October 08, 2006

PlankEye...i just clued into their name's meaning! :P

With the exception of doing some reading for my HR class, I'm all caught up on my homework. Yesterday, because I had an hour lunch, I brought my laptop and sat in the lunchroom doing homework. One guy asked me if I was so swamped that I had to do my homework on my lunch break; nope, I said, I just wanted to get it done. It made me think that my priorities sure have changed since high school and even CBC. It feels good to actually have homework done and not feel overwhelmed. I do have one thing hanging over my head in my HR class, relating to my interpersonal skills development assignment. I've done it twice, but it didn't post on FRED (an online system we use to post our homework), and I'm getting frustrated with it. I just need to try and post it again.
Yesterday my manager shift went really well. I goofed up on helping a cashier, because she'd done something wrong and it was a problem that I've never encountered before. But even with that happening all the office staff we're really impressed and the office manager complimented me! Rita (Office Mgr) also passed on compliments from the store manager-who everyone complains about and isn't one to compliment on someone's work habits, like ever! That was incredibly awesome. The girl who was doing my job, but decided that it was more of a headache than it was worth (mostly because of the store manager) even commented, almost with contempt-but not directly towards me, "you see how Marty doesn't give YOU a hard time?". Only thing I can say is, I was so nervous about doing it right that I listened to what I was supposed to do and did just that. I don't think it's that hard to listen to instructions. What do you think?
I think I want to go make pancakes for breakfast. MMM.



  1. mmm. pancakes. me too (but only because I haven't had breakfast yet and your post made me want pancakes - so feel special)

    what's this about managing?? was that in a post somewhere and i just missed it or??

  2. Good for you! Keep making good choices, if people are jealous, just keep treating them nice anyway. There's actually a test, to see if you can follow instructions, most people fail. It says, you have only a short time to fill in the answers, then it says to read everything before you write the answers, most people start to frantically write and the last sentence says, don't do anything.