Friday, October 06, 2006

is there an emoticon for rolling eyes??

I just finished school for the week and I'm not back until Tuesday, woo-hoo! And the best part? Not only do I not have school on Monday, I don't have work either, we're closed. I've been invited to a friends' for Thanksgiving, so if everything goes according to plan, I have people to spend it with. :)
I just got out of my Human Relations class and we're talking about teamwork. OH JOY. We also got our tests from last Friday back, I got 83% (20/24), not bad. The average was 60% and I heard at least one girl got 30%. I guess everyone wasn't prepared, because all of our other teachers have been so easy on us. It felt so good to actually be challenged. I'm annoyed about one of the questions I got wrong, because I'd had the right answer-and then changed it to the wrong one! Oh well, whatcha gonna do?
This morning we started web design in our IWPD class and we have a super basic web page due for Tuesday. No more than one page and only using the codes we've learnt, which are: bold, italic, underline, alignment, break, paragraph, and obviously title tags. So EASY! Three girls took down my phone number after class because they need help. I also got back my EBSCOHost project which is worth 10% of my mark and I got 100% :) I'm going to do my bloglines/RSS feed assignment which is worth class marks, do my webpage and I'm done for that class. I have math in my admin skills class, but its only 20 questions based on BEDMAS...I think even I can handle that. :)
And tomorrow I'm manager at Sobeys from 9-6. If ever it seems like I'm bragging, I don't mean to-I'm just really pleased with the way things are going. I'm thankful for life, and for an education and a job opportunity. God is so good. :)



  1. 8-) works on msn

    sounds good, Josh was going to invite you to his t-giving, but his mom isn't doing one lol, I wish you could come to mine, but we have to leave too early on saturday :(

  2. Hey Niki
    I'm glad things are going so well for you. :)

  3. heh, I don't so much have an excuse for it (because my family one is on Monday) but I'm trying to get adopted for on Sunday so I can get two turky dinners. Mmmmm turkey!