Wednesday, October 04, 2006

not so enthusiastic anymore

So, after rereading through my eligibility for BCSAP I realized that the stingy government wants to give me a little more than $300. That ticks me off. I don't want to be picky, but at the same time, this much paperwork for such a minimal amount is hardly worth it. Especially when you consider the outrageous interest they charge. I just want to pull out my hair.


but I'm too lazy. And tired. And besides...I attempted to go bald once before and we all know how badly that turned out.

Oh well. At least I'm keeping busy. :) Today I got an e-mail confirming that I'm class rep for my section and my first meeting is next week, the MSA's AGM (student council's yearly meeting). I'm just sad, because the meeting is during common hour-which is also when we have comedy hour and our Christian group meets. Too many things at one time! And to add to the growing list of meetings and groups, Mrs Weir is trying to recruit me for the IAAP-Mohawk chapter. That's the International Association of Administrative Professionals, which is an officially recognized group, look it up. :) So yeah, the IAAP meets once a month, guess when? Common hour!

I have a few pages to read in Pitman (apparently THE resource for any AP) for class tomorrow. Then I might go to bed again. (yes, again-I slept from 430-8pm already).

Life really is good...I'm just annoyed with the student loan thing.

I can't wait to get my assignments back in class tomorrow. I've been doing pretty good. I got my communications tests (3 of them) back yesterday and I got A's on 2, and a C (boo!) on the third. Got my internet assignments back, 10/10, 10/10 and 14/17 (stupid wording, mixed up 3 terms). Keyboarding yesterday was pretty funny, my teacher asked to use my computer "sure", not understanding why she didn't just log into another computer. I soon find out why she wanted MY computer, she used me as a guinea pig to do a bunch of timed writings to figure out where a particular assignment was (you had to do the timed writings to see the report, and she couldn't remember what assignment it was under). So I got to do the 2 in class timed writings and 3 (2 each, so really 6) more to find something for her. haha. I'm such a teacher's pet. Oh, except that I accidentally stole the attendance sheet. Nobody could find it and I was so busy doing my extra work, I didn't realize I had accidentally tucked it under my books.

Guys! I'm becoming a kleptomaniac! I "stole" the keys at work last week too! I had been working customer service (Saturday), and so I had the CS keys in my pocket and when I left at 10, I forgot to pass them on to the night cashier, kept them in my pocket, put my uniform in my locker and didn't take it out until I worked Monday. So they were without keys for basically 2 days. OOPS.

I'm really enjoying this day off...I don't want to go back tomorrow! :(



  1. Days off are nice, but you'll be fine. Check Rob's latest blog for a smile :D

  2. Wow there seems to be a lot going on for you right now. Remember to keep your eyes on God and goto Him for all your needs. He will scoop you up in His big arms and carry your when you need it and guide you when you have the strength to walk!

    Hugs ;)