Thursday, October 12, 2006

Birthday Adventures!!

So the adventures actually started yesterday when I got home from school...

Wed 4pm: came home to a package from Mami, a package from Claudia & money from the CDN government!!!
Wed 8pm: Beth at work gave me a birthday card :) awww
Thur 12am: talked to the rents on the phone, reminded Papi to wish me happy bday ;)
Thur 730am: saw Angela on the bus, she wished me happy bday & we made plans for dinner in 2 weeks
Thur 745am: Angela bought me breakfast for my bday :)
Thur 8am: got super giddy b/c of my bday and classmates wished me a good one
Thur 8am-2pm: school...blech. but, I kept checking my e-mail *grin* and got tons of e-mails and comments & whatnots today!!
Thur 230pm: Ty picked me up from school and offered to buy me a fish...*no thanks*
Thur 5pm: went grocery shopping, treated myself to Subway for din-din

On a less hyper note though, I went to a visitation tonight. It was something different. I've never been to a visitation before and it was really neat to see how Christians deal in these situations. Instead of crying, these people were smiling and thanking God that their mom (and grandma) was in peace with her Father and not in pain. Its encouraging to see how God can offer peace to those left. I'm still praying. *hug*



  1. :) the female "rent" !? hmmm did wish you a happy birthday on that phone call; :D Glad you had a great B.-day!XOXOXOXOXO

  2. i know you did :) i was just pointing out about papi because i found it amusing

    oh and "rent" its short for parents :)

    ooh and one thing i forgot to put in, it snowed on my birthday!!!

  3. It snowed on your birthday?!? It didn't even snow here, and this is ALBERTA!?! What kind of freaky Ontario weather were you having. On a weirder weather note, did you know it's only rained back home (Pitt/Ridge) about twice in the past few months? It's October, usually they'd be flooded by now, but it's been warm and sunny forever there.