Sunday, October 15, 2006


So, it snowed on my birthday!

But this blog is really about weird relationship dynamics. I've heard of people being friends with their exes...but how often does that ex try to set them up with another? Yeah, that's what Kyle's up to (well, it's not just him-but still!). I guess what kind of bugs me about is that its someone that once said he cared seems REALLY anxious to hook me up with someone else. I asked him about it and he admitted to feeling like he was "off the hook" if I liked someone else. Well...yeah, how do I say this? I'm over you. I don't like you. And especially after just thinking about stuff, I won't like you again, ever, not in that way. Oh well. This whole 'hooking Niki up with a farm boy' episode seems to have given a lot of people something to do and it gives Laura and I something to talk about until way past bedtime.

In other news, I was at camp this weekend! It was fun. J&L, Tripper, Mr. LeaKer, Kyle and I closed up camp today. There's still some more to do, but us youngins came home and they'll finish up the rest today and tomorrow.

I have a job interview to be a peer tutor tomorrow after class. Then I have a 7 hour shift at Sobeys.

Now I have to go do some homework and probably make some dinner before going to the Alt. I also need to remember to write THANK YOU cards to: Claudia, Grossmami, Mami & Mrs LeaKer. What a great birthday I had. And did I mention it snowed?? ;) Crazy Ontarioland.

love, niki

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  1. :) :D Life can be funny, eh? funny funny and strange funny. Since God is in charge of "hooking" you up with your future whatever, your future, well, if you meet someone through other people, that's O.K., I just hope no one expects to hear wedding bells. If it happens, fine. If not, also fine. Just keep looking to God and working on your relationship with Him. "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added on to you". Love you lots!