Monday, October 16, 2006


I haven't done this for a week or two, have I? Oops. Here's my schedule!

School 9-1
Work 4-11

School 930-2
Work 5-1130

School 930-3
Board Mtg. 530 (not sure if I'm going)
Work NONE :)

School 8-2
Work 5-1130

School 8-11
Work 5-10

Work 5-10

So I got a job working as a peer tutor for two subjects for no more than five hours a week.

I have over 100 airline pillows in my living room. I'll count them later.

I'm going to leave for work soon and on my way I'm going to get my birthday money exchanged "thank you" and "Danke!". :) I'm really excited, I've never had so much foreign money in my wallet without going away.

Now it's time to eat something (mmm celery & cheese whiz) and go to work. Hope everyone has a good week...doubt I'll see you, but I wouldn't be opposed to it if you wanted to see me when I'm not busy. :)



  1. why the airline pillows? I'm confused.

    However I must mention that there is no better food (of you can call it that) in the world than Cheeze Whiz. Keep up the good eating habits Nix!

  2. airline pillows make perfect sense. They promote flying dreams, that's a scientific fact kids. Just remember, "say nope to dope, and 'ugh' to drugs". Also, skip the bored meeting.

  3. oh yes, the pillows, guess that deserves an explanation, LeaKer??

    ok, fine I'll tell you. Matt went to Atlanta w/ a group from our church and they had the world's largest pillow fight with...10 000 pillows!!!

    So...being a LeaKer, he brought them home and I offered the poor little pillows a home in my living room. It'll be so comfy-if I ever stop long enough to jump on them.