Wednesday, October 18, 2006

romantic movies

For the first time in I don't know HOW long I watched a movie, Kate & Leopold. Yeah, the one I borrowed from Wendy probably a couple months ago-I can give it back now. :) So, I used to love romantic movies. Not so much anymore. Maybe it was just this one, but (surprise, surprise), they're not realistic and really, they're just kinda cheesy. That's what I learned about chick flicks today.

Also today I had a real social day, it was great. I talked to my mom, Mrs LeaKer and Laura. I even went out for dinner with Matt. Who knew I could be this social in the middle of the week? Fun times.

I think I'll go wash my dishes and then I'm going to bed. I really don't feel like washing them, but I also don't feel like having to do them when I get home from work tomorrow at midnight because there won't be much of a chance between school and work. Oh well, it's not too many.

And, I'm out.

niki :)


  1. boo. down with chick flicks. feelings are for sissies. blow something up!

  2. Congrats, you learned the same thing about chick flicks that I did when I was anout 14... Although in response to Darrell, "guy" movies aren't much more original or unpredictable... just more entertaining

  3. well...I guess I'm just a slow learner. :P

  4. i beg to differ, yes there is some "unreality", but you were, my dear, watching kate & leopold, so of course that's not going to happen :P Sometimes, romantic comedies are much needed and there are some good ones, the one I recently told you to'd like it :P I am not against war / action / horror movies, (thrillers are my favourite kind) but I don't think that we should discriminate against the chick flick :D

  5. I agree with Laura! I good shoot'em up thriller or sci-fi is wicked! I own quite a few of those myself! But there's nothing like poping in a good chick flick when your not feeling well or having a perticularly bad "Boys suck!" type of day. A little escape from the real world...and in the end isn't that the whole point of a movie? Watching the unreal for your enjoyment?

  6. I agree with Laura too. We should discriminate against chick flicks. Wait, she says we SHOULDN'T discriminate against chick flicks. Boo. Down with Laura and chick flicks! blow something up already!!

  7. "We don't demand solid facts! What we demand is a total absence of solid facts. I demand that I may or may not be Vroomfondel!"

    And I DEMAND that I may or may not want to blow something up!