Monday, October 30, 2006

suuuuuuper excited


I'm so excited. I just got out of HR, and just as I was leaving I got my mark back for the third part of my midterm (the long answer)...I got 100%!!! I looked at the mark sheet and it said 50, and I asked how much it was out of, and he said '50'. Then I just looked up at Rocco, back to the mark sheet, back to Rocco and just grinned. I was SO excited. He said "that's VERY good, it was great reading your paper"...oh my gosh, guys. I'm SOOOO excited. I now know how Shannon felt when she had to refrain from hugging her prof. YAY.

*phew* have to take a breath. The one thing I really dislike about doing so well is how my classmates get jealous and I come across as a know-it-all...I want to be excited, but I can't, for fear of being rejected by my peers. GAH. So not fair. One girl asked me "hey Niki, what did you get?" I bit my lip and gave a "I'm-happy-with-my-mark" smile, trying to hide my excitement...and she asked, "what, 40? 38?"...I paused and said "no, I got 50". She looked at me with a mix of shock and annoyance. I'm just going to go home now and be really excited, away from all my classmates.

In other news...I went to Jo's this weekend. Fun adventures. It was a costume party and so I dressed up as a fairy and I had Josh do my make-up...haha. That was entertaining. We're blaming it on the crayons though. ;) Good times, got to see some people I know from camp and a whole lot of people that I don't know and under other circumstances would have probably never met. I love her new place, super cute!

Time to do a little bit of homework, and then its time to go home. Have some dishes to clean and cupcakes to put away (anyone want one??), make some dinner and then I'm going to work tonight, from 4-11pm. ick.

I'm SUPER excited.


  1. I laughed, with happiness and from the funny parts! Congratulations!!! :D
    Some of the cake is in the freezer, waiting for you. XOXOXO

  2. Congrats on the paper! What's "HR"? Human Resources?
    Is it a class based on a "Hume Reader" - an in-depth look at the 18th century Scottish philosopher? That would be cool. Is it "History Roundup" or "History Rumble"? Is it "Happy Reading" (a course that enables you to read critically with a positive worldview)? That would be cool too... but too happy for me.
    I usually don't keep up on reading blogs myself (Kristine usually does that), so pardon my ignorance and laziness. I hope to do more blogging in the future though - I need a chance to work on my literary self.
    Anywho, good marks are fun - especially if you enjoy working to get them :)

  3. oh niki that's great!

    if you need to be excited, call me. i got used to a friend of mine in highschool always beating me, so i can deal with it now ;)

    and your comment on my site - today IS a better day. yesterday was too. mmm i love the sun. although, apparently sunshine does not equal warmth. in fact, i've been warned that it's generally warmer when its overcast, something about clouds keeping the heat in.

    AND i want a cupcake. i think you should mail me one. or three.

    i barely had time to know you, but can you believe that i miss you!? it was kind of nice having a twin *sigh*

  4. Ha! Now you know how I've felt about school work for so long. You want to do well, but it's awkward with other students, and if it's not awkward, they make it awkward... Or it's just funny, like how I'm struggling to comprehend my Bio class, and my dad is happy about it... it's not mean, just refreshing