Thursday, October 26, 2006

silly school

I did not really like school today. I had three classes and didn't really enjoy any of them.

Communications: learned a little bit about grammar, but the teacher kept saying "we were freaking her out" and she felt like she "was going back to grade 3", not really encouraging. Then I had a break, I don't know what to do with myself on breaks, except work. Then, Admin Skills: everyone just blatantly complains about the teacher, and I don't like listening to it. That was probably the best of my classes today, I got a test back and although I got 9.5/10, my teacher said she'd bump it up to a 10. Sweet deal. Also, I found out that two of our nice classmates are doing the same program as me, and they took down my MSN-looks like I made some new friends. That...or they just know that I'm doing well and wanted help. Whatever, it's nice to be liked. Finally, Keyboarding: brutal. I have one more assignment to hand in and I want to get 100% in this class. All I have to do is hand in one more accuracy passage with no errors. There's only one problem to that, you're not allowed to use the backspace key and it still has to be 10WPM within your average speed. My average speed is 86 WPM, meaning I can't type less than 76 WPM, 100% accuracy and no backspace. I spent 45 minutes working on one dumb timing and couldn't get it. Correction, I could get it-but the highest WPM I got with 100% accuracy was 71, and that's not acceptable. Why do I have to type so fast?! If I typed slower this wouldn't be so hard. grr. I didn't like school today.

Oh well. I'm going to take a little break now, and then I have to go to work until midnight. I don't really know if I can actually take a break, because I have two midterms tomorrow that are worth a big chunk of my mark. But I'm sooooo tired.

bye. niki.


  1. Hope today is a great day! Pobody is nerfect. Remember? :) XOXOXO

  2. yes!!! I loved that. great door knob sign. so true. *thanks mamika*

  3. i had 2 midterms today too, one went good, the other i don't know (stupid multiple choice) Have you decided on a costume yet?