Wednesday, October 25, 2006

2 days, no blog...

I lasted almost 2 1/2 days without a blog entry...couldn't even make it three days. I tried.

So tonight I didn't work (YAY!), because a coworker/classmate(sort of, a year ahead of me), took my shift! Woo hoo. So I went to the Upper Paradise Life Together at my old landlord's place. I really enjoyed it. It was potluck night, so I got fed and even got to take home some chicken. MMM. Oh, right...and the Bible study part was good too! Really good. I can see why Dave enjoys going there, that is one fun group of people. Hopefully I'll be able to go out a little more often.

Today was a good day for food. I had breakfast!! (two days in a row, you can be proud Mami) :) Then for lunch I got free (albeit, slightly rock hard) pizza during our class rep mtg. and then potluck for dinner. What a good day!

What else? Oh, my landlord's bathtub was leaking and so I had an interesting dripping bubble in my ceiling that I noticed when I was on the phone with Nana the other day. The next day I asked Alanna if she knew why my ceiling decided to create its own art form, she immediately called a plumber and now it's fixed! YAY. I love having these landlords, they actually FIX stuff when they say they will. Wonderful.

I just had a bath and so now I get to sleep in tomorrow, yay!! And besides, now I go to bed smelling pretty. Also, no wet hair while I wait for the bus tomorrow morning. :)

So did I blog about the pillow fight that ensued in my place on Sunday night? Me, Laura, three boys, 128 pillows, a printer, picture frames and dishes=a recipe for disaster. Thankfully no picture frames got broken, the oil that fell turned itself rightside up before hitting a pile of newspapers and I found the dishes hid under the pillows the next day. Unfortunately, Laura fell on the printer. *I'm sorry!* I hope you're feeling better. I'll post pictures eventually, I just haven't taken them off the camera yet.

Got two assignments back today, both 10/10. :) I seriously get disappointed if it's not above 93/94%. The people that got upset about that in high school, I used to be so mad at-and now I do it. Granted, my classes are easy. Of course, they'd argue that there's were too, it's just hard for me to imagine Math or Science as anything but nearly impossible. Again, that's just me. I'm thankful that workplaces nowadays recognize multiple intelligences and understand that not everyone learns and works the same way. I know some schools that recognize that, I just wish more would, and that teachers would adapt to the learning styles of the students. There are a lot that do, and for you guys that do-you rock! I'm so thankful to have had a number of teachers like that. :)

I really should get to bed, early start tomorrow morning, and then work until midnight. I'm so thankful though, I have 5 1/2 hours between work and school-obviously some of that will be spent getting 'to and fro', but still, it'll be great to have more than an hour (or less). :)

I'm super :) smiley :) today. It's been a really good week so far.


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