Tuesday, October 31, 2006

niki go: CRASH! zzzz

I'm tired. I worked until 10, came home and went straight to work: called my tutee, discussed IWPD, finished my DP assessments (all 5 of them now done and printed, woot woot), then the most daunting task-editing a team members assignment for HR. We're in groups of 4-5, and required to post an assignment on FRED (a communications tool, its like an extension of the classroom-apparently), and then be really critical of each others work, with feedback and proofreading. I spent at least an hour going through one girls assignment, not one sentence didn't have an error in it (usually a minor spelling error), and some paragraphs didn't make sense at all. The worst part? She didn't even understand the assignment correctly, she misunderstood "office politics" for world politics...which means she based her entire project on something that wasn't even right. ...oh, how my head hurts.

In fun news though, I'll be conducting phone interviews for candidates for jobs at Sobeys on Friday. How exciting. Friday is also my first day doing clerical work at the job at school, which will probably mean less peer tutoring. Oh right...I didn't tell you guys about that for fear that you might get worried about my stress and work level. So...I do peer tutoring, right? Well, after my boss there has talked to me about 5 times and I've done two sessions she decided she wanted to hire me to do actual office work (which is what I'm studying for), and although technically I'm not really supposed to even be in that department until next year, she said I've proven to her that I'm a "mature and highly motivated individual" who she'd like to give an opportunity to advance. It's really cool, because she basically laid it out saying that this is an awesome opportunity and it's an extremely rare case that I'm being offered it! So exciting. It's so cool how just when you're like "uh, God...how is this all going to come togther?", it does.

  • I'm being offered a job that I can work around my school and other work schedule

  • It pays good money (comparatively speaking to other part-time jobs)

  • I'm getting practice in my field, before my first semester is even half over.

Honestly, how amazing is that? Seriously guys, God is SOOO good. And now I'm going to bed. *giggling*...so happy.


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  1. wow. at this rate you won't even have to graduate, they'll just start throwing money at you. Sweet ace!