Saturday, October 21, 2006

feel like blogging...again

I'm just full of blogging energy. This happens when I listen to country music (what can I say, it was a relapse). I don't really know what to write about though.

I was at work tonight, just 5.5 hours, but what a busy time it was. I was getting frustrated with the office guy because he kept sending my cashiers away and not consulting me (I was the acting front-end manager). So I had to ask him to just tell me, because every time I turned around something was not like it was supposed to be, like the time I found one of my cashiers pushing carts-when there was enough carts and clearly too many customers waiting in line. Silliness. So, I did what I hate-"confronted" someone. I'm learning better ways to communicate and I think I did an ok job-I never like being told what to do either.

And...I have a module due for my distance ed class tonight and I haven't worked on it. I should do that once I'm done blogging.

I'm also trying not to think about it, but I'm kinda hoping to meet someone tomorrow night... I can promise you Matt, I haven't been obsessing about it like you thought I might, I'm just being curious. Just a little.

Tomorrow after the morning service I'm going to go to the computer lab where I can create a couple web pages for my IWPD class. I would normally do them on Monday after class, but I have a tutee that day and then I go straight to work-so, no time. Unfortunately I can't do them at home, because I don't have Notepad, and if it doesn't get done I need to be able to work on it at school. But the plan is to just do them both after church tomorrow, and then have a restful afternoon, I hope.

I want to post some recent pictures but I need to get them off my camera first. For now I'll leave you with a couple from our camping trip on Labour Day weekend.

first, TREES!!! The fascination continues...

then it's a beautiful fire...

breakfast with Martha and the amazing technicolour...apron??

and finally, doggy-pile! (and yes, that's me on the BOTTOM)



  1. that is a wicked cool picture of fire.

  2. You grew up in BC... WHY ARE YOU FASCINATED BY TREES!?! TREES WERE A NORMAL THING FOR 18+ YEARS OF YOUR LIFE! Also, Sharky says that in a Freudian light, an interest in trees doesn't look good ("Lit Theory has ruined my thought!" -Sharky)
    And who is this someone you might have met?

  3. hey you! you never called me when i gave you my phone number in the store. so email me this time... at least.

    jane and ben cannell

  4. Freud, WHO cares about what that quack said! I agree, great pic of the fire!

  5. i'm going to have to blog AGAIN to answer these questions *shucks, darn*