Tuesday, September 05, 2006

who am i? where am i? ???

Have you ever felt like you were having an out of body experience? I have. And basically since I've come back from camping, even a bit before we left to come home, I've been feeling like that. It's like I've been walking in a trance and half way through a sentence I'll realize I'm talking and wonder what I was saying. It's really bizarre. It's probably an effect of not enough quality sleep, its left me pretty dazed. Anyway, that's all about that.
So today my face collided with Laura's bathroom sink in an embarassing story that I have no desire to recall, except to say that I'm thankful I didn't break my nose. Although, it sure feels like it! I know its not broken, but its still very tender, and it happened about 9 hours ago! How awkward would that have been going to school with a broken nose on the first day? Come to think of it, it would be a good conversation starter! :)
So, today Laura and I went to Cambridge to do some back to school clothes shopping. And I'm SO impressed with my buys! I bought: a trench coat ($5), a tank top ($5), sweater ($5), dress ($7.50), necklace ($5) and t-shirt ($4.19)! I absolutely LOVE outlet stores...and when you read $5, that's what I mean, FIVE dollars. AMAZING. I'll have to post pics, the clothes are AWESOME! Laura and I got the same brown sweater...she's SO my twin. We've bought the same newsboys shirt & same staff hoodie (both different colours though), and now today the sweater and we both have our long sleeved camp shirts. I think thats all that we have in common, but it's pretty funny...I think, anyway.
After shopping Laura came over to put some pictures onto her Ipod and then she drove me to work, thanks!! I was 2 hours early, but I had a book, so it was all good. I ended up not reading too much of the book because I kept talking to people who were on their breaks, bragging about my good buys and discussing back to school stuff. Remember how my boss asked me to train to be a pt manager? (From now on I'm going to write CEM, cuz its shorter-so take note). Well today I got my first job! She asked me to start a 1/2 hour early and finish training 2 girls and take them on a tour of the store. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing-but she trusted me to do it anyway. :) She also told me that she's not going to keep all 5 of us that she's training, more like 3 or so...so right now I'm in a 'probation' stage. Everyone that I've worked with so far has full confidence in me and says they think I'll do a great job, YAY! Kind of a fun work story: tonight after finishing my shift on customer service, I finished my last hour on cash-the store was crazy busy today. Anyway, so my boss got called back in, because the store was so busy and since she's almost NEVER on cash, she kept having to ask me for produce codes, and the cashier behind me is quasi-new, so he was asking me too. I answered them, not thinking anything of it, when one of my customers says to me "seems like you're the only one here that knows the numbers, they should make YOU supervisor". The irony of it made me laugh, because my actual supervisor was standing right there and she's the one training me to be pt CEM. So that was pretty funny. I kind of laughed it off and said it was no big deal, but really, it made me feel good.
Finally, today is Ryan's birthday. I tried calling him, but no answer-he's probably out with for dinner, but I thought I'd try anyway. And being that its Ryan's birthday it gets me thinking about Gary & Ruth, *hi guys!* I really miss all you MRAC people, hope you're all doing well. Been thinking about you lots!
And now it's time to get a good nights rest before school tomorrow. SCHOOL. EEP. :S
Love Niki


  1. Have a great start at school, I'm proud of you, that you're doing so well at work. The parcel is on its way. Love you lots! XOXOXO

  2. Awww I miss you too! I happen to think of you quite often...mostly when I'm bored and you haven't blogged in awhile...it's like "Hey what happened to Niki? Usually there's like thirty million new posts for me to catch up on!" And then I think..."She should be more in BC and less in Ontario because I miss her! Booo to her!" And that's pretty much my whole thought process.