Monday, September 11, 2006

really sick

I'm still happy about life, things are good...but I am so sick. I hardly slept last night, maybe 2 hours? Classes today were torture with my nose running and trying to stay focused. At the end of the day though I talked to Rocco (my HR teacher) and he seemed genuinely excited to have me in his class and kept saying "you've got it, you've got it! You're gonna excel in this class, you already understand it, you've got it, you've got it!" (he was pretty excited). I think I'm going to like Human Relations. :) But yeah, feeling quite sick...and I still had to work 6.5 hours tonight. They were going to send me home, but one of our cashiers and our bagger never showed. We're already short-staffed, so I stayed. I also cleaned the customer bathrooms which were both close to overflowing, and really disgusting. I actually got sick in one when I was cleaning it...lovely, eh? Hey, don't get mad at me for being too descriptive, did you read the side bar about me always being truthful? Warned you. :) So, an eventful night. Ty came and picked me up, like usual, and now I'm here about to crash...eventhough I have homework that isn't completed yet. GAH.
Love Niki

PS-But I still love life...I'm still really happy, HONEST!


  1. oh. *sad face* i'm sorry that you're sick. circumstances here make me mostly happy - but today i miss my friends at home and that makes me sad. *hug*

    feel better soon.

  2. i miss you too!! I can't comment on your blog...i don't know why, but both my mom and I (yes, you read that right) have wanted to comment)...i'll send you an e-mail one of these days. keep your chin up kiddo! take care!!

  3. it's because i updated to beta blogger. you can comment if you just go under anonymous and sign your name. or i think you can choose "other" for identity and just put your name and blogger address there.

    you should definitely go back and comment. i feel like no one reads my blog b/c no one comments... even though i know they can't. *sad face*

    (i have to use the "other" identity to comment here)

  4. I am sorry that you are sick..but it is so good to hear that you are loving life! That is so great that you have a dream and you are heading for it. Keep going strong!!!

    Love Ya Tons