Monday, September 11, 2006

life is wonderful!!

Guys, seriously, I can't stop is just so good! I say that, eventhough its 1:30 on Monday morning and I should be asleep and I'm fighting off a cold (or maybe just allergies), but really, I am SO happy.
Last week, school started really well and I love my classes. I'm enjoying doing homework, doing more than I need to, haha. That won't last long, I'm sure. I have my longest class tomorrow, it's called Document Processing and its 2 hours each on Mon & Wed. Tomorrow I'm going to bring my lock and the texts I have so far to school, so I don't cart them back and forth every day. I'll have some more homework to do once I get more of my textbooks guess what I'm doing on my lunch break at work? I really have a lot of energy for this and I'm really happy with the way everything's working out...I have a plan and a dream, how awesome is that?
Tonight was our first Alternative and ... WOW. I love the Alt! And guess who I saw there? None other than...Atari! That was so cool! Except that I didn't get to say goodbye because I was tellering, so I'll have to send him an e-mail. Tellering! Another very cool thing. I love counting money (who knew?? I always hated math), and the church was in desperate need of tellers, so I'm a teller now! I'm like bubbling over with joy. :) Joy about counting money? Yep! God is just so awesome. I'm just ... *wow*, I'm so happy.
Oh...and one more thing! I'm coming home for Christmas! I don't want to be too specific, but someone has offered to cover my cost of flying home!!! I promised them I wouldn't cry...but hey, who was I kidding? I started to. I don't understand why God has shown me such HUGE favour in my life, but I'm so thankful! I love to be able to give back in whatever way I can, and I'm excited for a time where I have more resources, and I can help others in ways I can't do yet.
My favourite song was just on the radio, Audio Adrenaline's "Hands & Feet". Good should go out and get it. That brings back memories of BC...and our young adults with Kent, good times.
Hope you all have a super fantasticly wonderful day and I'll talk to you all soon!!! (or I hope anyway...)
Love Niki :) :) :) :) :) :)


  1. wow, I hope all that energy is contageous!
    ok, guess not. Anyway, we're all pretty pumped that you're coming back to visit us, and your parents are really cute about it too.
    try to keep up that momentum through the week eh.

  2. I don't know if liking to count money has to do with math. I like math. I don't hate counting money, but probably not something I would consider as something to do as a past time.

  3. Sounds like you are really enjoying school, wait until mid terms and finals, then we'll see how much you like it. :P

    Anyways, it will be cool that you will be back out here for Christmas, make sure to let me know when you will be around.