Saturday, September 09, 2006

good morning

Hello! Time to say hi, once again. Has it ever been a busy week, whoa. School started, I worked a full 5 day week, trained to be CEM, very full week, not much quiet time. Next week I'll be working another 5 day week:

Monday 5-1130
Tuesday 530-10
Wednessday 5-1130
Thursday 5-1130
Friday off!! (for now...)
Saturday 1-530

and I have classes everyday too! So my free time next week is...

Monday 1230-5
Tuesday 2-530
Wedneday 3-5
Thursday 2-5
Friday ALL DAY!!! (again, for now...)
Saturday after 530

The Alternative (city wide worship service) is starting this Sunday, so I'd ask all of you to be praying for our pastor, Dave, the worship team, the behind the scenes people (sound, powperpoint. lights, producers) and everyone else involved, including those that will be inviting friends. Let's pray over Hamilton guys!! This is what my friend and our youth pastor, Jay, wrote on one of his blogs regarding Hamilton's need for prayer:

There are 33,325 teens between the ages of 15-19 that don't have a personal relationship with their creator, over 5000 of which will never finish high school. There over 1000 homeless people, 1100 grow houses, hundreds of prostitutes, over 10,000 on social assistance in our city.

Thank you guys for your prayers and for the encouragement that everyone seems to show me, ALL the time! Life is great. :) Love you all and talk to you soon,
Niki :)


  1. I randomly ran across your blog and thought it was cool that you spelled your name the same as I do :)

  2. Hi hon, we're going to see Papa today, Nana is o.k., M
    and K visited Nana yesterday. XOXOXO