Thursday, September 21, 2006

ground beef at 630 AM??

So that was weird, I was eating cheerios at the same time that I was making my ground beef for tonights dinner. MMM, there's nothing quite like eating something sweet and smelling something salty-and they weren't ever meant to be together, not like those...well, sweet & salty snacks (can't think of any examples). But good times, dinner's ready now!

I'm off to school with a ridiculously heavy bag. I have three classes today (my most in one day, isn't that sweet?), but they all require either a lot of books, or heavy books. Fun times. I'm also going to try and kick my HR group into gear, 2 girls haven't done any work yet this semester, argh-this is why I don't like group work. (note: I'm not being busy, but I'm the group leader) In other group work related news though, I'm working with 2 other girls for a research project for DP, and they're great! So that's good. And the three of us are doing another group assignment together tomorrow. So much homework. I can only be grateful that I've been doing my homework each day as its assigned, I can see why some of my classmates are beginning to feel overwhelmed. (There's way more than I listed here, these are just a couple things).

And now I need to go brush my teeth and leave. At least its not dark out! I'm so dreading daylight savings...I just don't like walking to school when its dark, there's just something not right about that.

I'm out,
Niki :)


  1. the sweet and salty thing - in australia everyone thought the idea of pancakes and bacon "sweet and savoury" was just disgusting and it makes me laugh.

    and group work - i hear you - except my group for the linguistics class i'm in ROCKS. i'm the 'facilitator' (i call meetings etc) for the first three weeks, and then all the roles switch around... it's fun. but yup. that's the one where i'm in the same group as the cute guy i sat beside (andrew) and then there are 5 others, all super friendly and excited to get stuff done etc. woohoo!

    oh except um... i tentatively booked a meeting for tomorrow at 11am, and about two seconds ago got a call from coles and i'm hired *yay* but i start tomorrow morning at 10. oops. so um. i hope my group doesn't hate me. luckily not everyone had responded yet, so maybe it wouldn't have worked anyway. ahhhh.

  2. gotta love the whole work/school organizing stuff eh? but otherwise, CONGRATS!! :)

  3. i don't miss school, homework, or group projects at all. Y'all need to graduate, it's much better.