Thursday, August 10, 2006


Good morning. Or good night. How about just, hello? Its 2am, so why am I posting? Not quite sure. I wanted to post earlier (yesterday, I guess now), but I felt really sick so I just went to bed, at about 9:30. I'm definitely not done with sleeping, but I just woke up for some water, remembered I had to send an e-mail and figured I'd say hello to the blogging world.
I came home from work and there was a card sent from the church office (not sure if its from the church or if someone dropped it off to send it anonymously), with a passage from Romans and addressed to "Niki, a friend of God', with 20 bus tickets!! How wonderful :) I can totally use that, especially tomorrow, because its my crazy long day and maybe, just maybe, I shouldn't be walking home at 11pm or later at night. I don't mind the walk to work at all, but I realized today (err, yesterday), that after a 7 1/2 hour shift of standing, the last thing I want to do is walk home. So, thank you-to whoever that was. It is SO thoughtful.
Oh, I got the job at ActLabs! ...and then I turned it down. The busses don't run that late at night (it'd be a 4-12am shift) out in Ancaster. Oh and someone (or a bunch of someones rather) kindly pointed out that I'm in fact NOT superwoman. If I took the job I'd be at school from 8am-3pm, and working 4pm-midnight. Not only that, but its an 80 minute bus ride from my house, farther from the school (which would make me LATE...not a good habit), oh and the fact that I wouldn't be eligible for BCSAP because I'd be working a full-time job. So...that sucks. I was so tempted, for a total of 2 minutes, to take the job and put school on the back burner for another year, save up lots of money and go next year. But I'm really excited about school and I really think this is what I'm supposed to do, so here I am God, trusting that you will provide. :)
I'm tired, going back to bed. Goodnight. morning...whatever. :P
Love Niki


  1. hey, at least it's nice to know that you are wanted! and now you can tell yourself that it was a terrible job and not nearly good enough for you. that will make you feel better. At least, it always makes me feel better...

  2. Sounds like you made the right choice. :) XOXOXO