Monday, August 21, 2006

early wake up

So yesterday did not go according to plan, at all. But that's okay. I got up really early because I was wide awake and decided to clean the whole house, just in case everyone was coming over for lunch. So it was real tidy, I even managed to change the towels in the bathroom, and now they're all matching, how pretty (I got a new set from Mrs LeaKer).
So Paul came and picked me up for church and I thought we were just going to church, nope first we went to a convenience store to pick up Coke for Dan, Timmy's for Steve, then the church to drop it off. But I didn't get dropped off at the church because Paul wanted me to come along for the ride to pick up this woman from school, who was coming to church with her two daughters. They lived out in Stoney Creek-but we were running late when we ran into construction. We got lost, finally found them, picked them up and drove back to church. We were a few minutes late, but church hadn't actually started yet. The younger of the two girls, the 4 year old attached herself immediately to me once we were out of the car (which was totally okay with me, I LOOOOVE kids)-so it was fun, I felt like an auntie! After one of the songs she said (loud enough for a few rows of people to hear) "is it over yet?" aah, kids. :)
And church was good, Darren spoke (he's not on our pastoral staff but he's one of those really important people in the BCOQ)...I always enjoy when he preaches. This month the pastors are preaching on Isaiah 40, rising up on wings like Eagles. It's been really neat. One quote that I remember was some person at some point in history said that God could be described as "wild, dangerous, unfettered and free" and since we were created in God's image, that should describe us too. But we have traded in those characteristics for our own...I can't remember exactly WHAT we've traded it in for (I can remember a couple...but I'll butcher the message if I try and recap it here). Point is, really good message. And are we really willing to give God EVERYTHING? We sing worship songs that say 'take control', 'here I am', 'your will, not mine', 'justice'...but do we really mean these things? It was a powerful worship set after Darren finished preaching.
So after the service I was trying to figure out what was going on, but most people already had it was me and the boys, and then Erin met up with us after. :) Then because it was Dan Sanderson's bday, we all went for a hike at Tew's Falls and watched as Dan climbed down the cliff and went swimming. I had a good talk with Rachel. Otherwise, the weather was kind of "blech" and most people, including me, were kind of lethargic. No one really had energy, and I understand-but on those days I'd rather just go home and go to bed. It was probably a good thing I went out and got some fresh air though.
Afterwards, the boys (Peter, Paul & Dan) came back to my place and I cooked them dinner while they played poker. I totally felt like a housewife in that moment, and then Dan made it even more so by saying that I was going to make some lucky guy really happy one day and all his friends jealous. That made me smile...still does. That's seriously the highest compliment I can get. But then, typical Dan, was like "I don't know why women who just want to be homemakers even bother getting an education"...*SMACK*. I'm not even going to go into reasons again, but that boy can be silly sometimes. I mean, granted its his views and he has a right to express them or question other people's...but sometimes I wonder what goes on in his head! Oh well, so they enjoyed dinner and then we listened to music, they played another round of poker and we waited until 8, when "The Whole Ten Yards" came on. We had watched "The Whole Nine Yards" the night before at Wendy's, I preferred the first one. Usually the sequel isn't as good as the first, definitely the case in these movies. The first one wasn't even GREAT, but it was something to do. :)
And now its Monday, my landlord woke me up to let me know that her brother-in-law will be coming by to do some electrical work in the bathroom, I'm actually getting a fan in there, woo-hoo!! I have lots to do today, books are due back, need to go the college and work out some stuff, get some cleaning supplies and do the dishes from last night. When I get married, I'd better have a dishwasher. I don't really need one right now, it's only once a week that I ever have a massive amount of dishes, if that often-from having friends over, but if this were a regular occurence, and I actually used dishes 3x a day, I think I'd get really sick of doing dishes, REAL quick.
Love Niki :)