Tuesday, August 22, 2006

country music: story of my life

I've been listening to a lot of country again lately and it's funny how you can listen to a song and apply it to your situation. Sometimes, err-most of the time, that's not a good thing. It gets you all depressed (yes, I admit it, country music can be slightly depressing-maybe) when you think about how everything's gone wrong. So, instead of dwelling on the fact that I can relate so many depressing country songs to my life I'm going to count my blessings!!

1. I have a beautiful apartment that I can use to entertain my friends, and sometimes-just me, that's fun too. My own little sanctuary in a crazy world.
2. Hatem is totally okay with me leaving Subway and has said I'm welcome back anytime. Eventhough I'll probably never take him up on the offer, it's nice to know I'm leaving on good terms.
3. I'm going out for lunch with a friend tomorrow, someone I only know within the four walls of church, I'm really looking forward to that.
4. Going back to school!!! What an awesome opportunity, and to make it even better, they're giving us a USB memory card as a 'welcome to Mohawk' gift. :)
5. I have a drawer full of cards and notes from friends, I'm surrounded by people that love me!
6. I know that I'm where God wants me to be.
7. Eventhough some days I'm lonely and I miss Kyle, I'm really happy about being single. I can't help but think that God has got something INCREDIBLE planned for me, and I'm full of joy just waiting for it.

Life really is good. There's lots more, but I'm going to leave it at seven. The number seven used to be my favourite number, ironically when I was in grade 7. Now my favourite number is 2. It was my number in Rugby and in Soccer, I have two parents that love me, we had 2 cats, 2 dogs and I have 2 brothers, I'm a citizen of 2 countries, the list goes on.
What else is new? Well after posting yesterday morning I got called into work. I got called while I was in the middle of doing dishes at 11:11am-that gave me 49 minutes to get dressed for work (thankfully I'd already showered), go to the college, drop off my books at the library and get to work. Yeah, I was late. They said it was okay, as long as I could get in at some point-so I was an hour late, which considering that I had that much running around to do, isn't bad. I could've been quicker if I had a car-but I'm not bitter...nooo, not at all. I can't wait until I have my full license and have a car, that'll be a glorious day indeed. I will gladly drive my friends around. Until then, thank you so much to those of you that drive me, in particular: MATT-you're amazing. Your always so generous with your driving, and I really appreciate it. Also, Meggs, LA, Megz, Paul, Laura and all my "adopted" moms out here, you've been great.
I should get going now, I really don't feel like moving though. I think I'll go get dressed and maybe go pick up some things at the mall up the street. I'm looking forward to my package from my mom...have you sent it yet, Mami? :)
Love you all!!!
Niki :)


  1. :( Sorry, haven't sent it yet. I'm so busy with the house, yard and apples beside work, I can't seem to get everything done that needs doing. I'll work on putting it together. :) Listen to praise music instead. XOXOXO

  2. ah HA! admit it - deep down in your soul you know country music is evil! *smiles* aahhh, who am i kidding? you'll never say that. but hey if you get that depressed you can always play it backwards for a happy ending!

    i think it's about time i showed my love and appreciation for you in the spirited maeghan way. how do you feel about plastic wrap??!?! *mmwwaaahaaahaaha*

  3. there is nothing wrong with a good country song. even if it is sad, it is still good listening. don't listen to the others, they are all jealous of your musical tastes.

  4. hhhmmm... it sounds like somebody's pants are on too tight :)