Sunday, August 20, 2006

another short post so soon!?!

It's like 1am and I'm really hyper...well that's quickly fading actually. Had a REALLY long day today (err, yesterday-Saturday), worked 9.5 at Subway, then Deb came over, we hung out for a couple hours and then I headed to Wendy's for a couple movies. Just as Paul dropped me off, Dan informed me that everyone was coming to my place for lunch after church. Good to know. I need to vacuum. Wonder what I'll do about food, maybe we can just order pizza. Sounds like a great idea to me. :) Now I'm going to bed. Wow, Darrell, it's your day-two short posts! ;)
Love Niki


  1. Who ees zees Darrell of who you zpeak. I am Claude, zee Frenchman. Oui oui. I love zee long posts und long walks on zee, how you zay, beach. Zere ees no Darrell here, but 'e does zound like ze wonderful guy.

  2. Zees ees Claude again. I waz zinking zat zis Darrell persoon ees probably a very handzome devil, no? 'E zounds like a very good persoon. You shud be nice to heem.