Thursday, August 31, 2006

because HE cares! uh...shoot. i didn't mean that...

So, where have I been? Tuesday which was yesterday...kind's 1am on Thursday, but really to me its still Wednesday, because I haven't gone to bed. Wonderland was SO fun, we spent the day at the park, didn't actually ride that many rides because the lines are pretty long, but the ones we went on were fun. I'd definitely go again, and bring a swimsuit! :) And a gi-normous Laura sized backpack ;) just kidding. It was cool, I got to know Jared more, finally hung out with Gabbi outside of camp, saw Skye and I met Giggles, Allegro, Zoo and Amp. :) And then we went to Falafel's afterwards (I love that we have camp fun!) to have pizza and listen to the boys jam. Pete has a pretty sweet room, with his own pool table, piano, drums, tv, bathroom. It's pretty sweet. I definitely just said 'pretty sweet' twice. Yep. I fell asleep a couple times on the couch and everytime I did it felt like I was on the roller coaster...weird. Fun, though! :)
Okay...and today (or yesterday, whatever) is (was) Wednesday. I hung out with Deb this morning and that was a lot of fun, we even played some piano after attempting to create a song on GarageBand. Then Mrs LeaKer made grilled cheese and I went to work. Great day at work, nice 7 hour shift, woo-hoo. Then Josh & Laura picked me up and we went to Alex's for his going away party. I finally met Al's sister, Steph-only took how many months, I've seriously been hearing about her since before Christmas and apparently she lives only 20 minutes away. And Em, Al's other sister was there, and so were Jared & Gabbi, Kyle and obviously (or 'obvi' according to Gabbi) Josh and Laura. Good times. The cats escaped a few times and that's when Steph discovered that Gabbi has 10-4 on her phone and they had fun radioing back and forth on the status of the runaway cats. And I helped Alex fix his computer. We attempted to watch Fight Club and definitely fell asleep. Poor Laura still has to drive to Elora tonight, lucky girl is going to Montreal tomorrow to drop off sister Katie for school. And that was Wednesday.
I've decided not to do youth ministry this year, because I wouldn't be able to give it a 100%, and if I can't do that-then I won't. And Jay won't want me too, either. So that'll free me up to do some more working shifts during the week. I'm really praying that I get enough hours at work, I've figured out that I need a minimum of 20 hours a week to survive. I told my boss that, and just handed in a new availability schedule today, so here goes! :) It's cool though how God provides in other ways, He's been really creative in the ways He gives me money. My parents have been so wonderful and put some money in my account, I've gotten little gifts from people for doing work for them and 'thank-yous' that included gift certificates for things I both need and sometimes just want (like Timmy's). :) I'm loving life, life is good. Life is great!
And now I'm really tired and just want to go to bed. Tomorrow I'm going grocery shopping with Mrs LeaKer for the camping trip. I'm also working in the sweet is this, the first Thursday in I don't know how long that I haven't had to do a double shift? BEAUUUUTIFUL! :) I'm so excited for the sleeping-in possibilities for tomorrow, let's just hope they aren't just possibilities, but also a reality. How sweet would that be? *mmm* I'm curious about my shift for tomorrow night though because it's listed as "default-all jobs" which means a training shift, but its a customer service shift according to hours; except that there's already someone booked in to do customer service. We'll see, I'm curious. :) The schedule was wrong for today so when I got to work they were all like, 'where have you been, you started 1/2 hour ago'...thankfully, I was right and the office schedule was recorded wrong, so no trouble for Niki. YAY.
And now it really is bedtime.
I heart you, I heart you all!!!
Love Niki :)

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