Monday, August 28, 2006

mmm hot chocolate

So, my apologies for the lack of blogging, I'm sure you've all been soooo disappointed and have wondered what to do with all your extra time that you usually spend reading my ridculously long posts. Fear no more, I'm back! Is that a groan I hear from down the street, Meggs? Or is that all the way from Burnaby, Adam? I'll try not to post too much tonight, my head's kind of full of all sorts of stuff-I don't know if I can get it all out anyway, so you may be in luck. :P
Today was a pretty good day, given that both my busses (going to work, and coming home from work) didn't show and the girl taking me off was 10 minutes late, but that's where the negativeness ends. The rest was FANTASTIC. Oh, and the getting sick part kind of sucks, but oh well, whatcha gonna do? In other news, I got a mug today for improved performance at work, as well a customer called and talked to my boss about how I made her day and so my boss was really happy with me today, and she was even in a good mood when I told her I need to change my schedule for work-normally she's not. Good day at work! :) Then I came home, made some lunch, folded my laundry and fell asleep. A few people called throughout the day, but I had a pretty relaxed afternoon, which was nice. Then Matt & I ended up going for a bike ride after I had basically decided I was going to stay in for the night. I'm glad we went out, I LOVE bike riding! And going over to the LeaKer's, I got to get my staff hoodie. They made mine a black one instead of the grey (gray?) I ordered, but I'm really happy with it. It's soooo comfy! :) They turned out really nice, I'll get a pic and post it...eventually.
And last weekend a group of us went north to Napanee to visit/pick up Dave! I got sick (in other words I became well acquainted with his bathroom) on Friday night, so I had to take it easy, but otherwisee it was fun. A little (lot?) disorganized and slightly frustrating with the indesciveness of our group, but we ended up having lunch at a really cute german restaurant that I just LOOOOVED. mmmm. Good food. We missed both boats we tried to go on, so instead we walked around a lot and listened to the jazz festival-oh yeah, that was in Kingston, I like that city. I think it's a city. Very nice, I'll gladly go back there someday. And maybe actually go on the Thousand Island cruise. :) So we had a good time, and then I squeezed into Dave's car for the trip back to Hamilton which was good times, lots of music, picture taking on the highway and even a little catching up. We've missed you Dave, it's good to have you back!
And tomorrow I'm going to Wonderland with camp people!!! I'm so excited! This wasn't too long, was it?
Love Niki


  1. Just so you know, Napanee is EAST not NORTH. Nice try my directionally challenged friend. Remind me to give you a compass and stick you in the woods sometime!

  2. sounds like someone is having fun. except there are too many stories of you getting sick. you need to stop that, and stop that soon.

  3. :)) XOXOXO :)) Just to tell you, that I love you! XOXOXO