Friday, September 01, 2006


So at work tonight my boss asked me if I'd like to consider training for a part time 'customer experience manager' position!!! Woohoo!!! So I'm going to train next week, there's 5 of us in total who are going to be training for this position, so that we can work when our boss can't (in the evenings) and then eventually as we become better at it, work alongside her during the day, doing more substantial jobs. I can't believe I got asked, though! I've been there for 10 months, one of the girls who was asked has been there for 5 years! I'm really excited!! Good times.
Next week will be crazy busy's my schedule:

Monday: get back from camping, I'm supposed to work 130-6 I'll have to try and switch that shift
Tuesday: school orientation; 530-10 Customer Service
Wednesday: 5-1130 Cash
Thursday: School 8am-2pm; 530-10 CEM training
Friday: School 8am-11am; 530-10 CEM training
Saturday: 8am-1230 CEM training
Looks pretty crazy. The first time I get 6 shifts in one week at Sobeys just happens to also be my first week back to school in five years...gah! Looks like I'm free Wednesday morning, probably "Deb Time" and laundry day. I also have to get over to my old place to clean the oven...stupid baking mishaps. I promised the girls that I'd clean it up, since I didn't realize it when I moved out and now that they're moving out it needs to be done-and I was most definitely the one who made the mess. Oh well, just one more thing to do.
Now I really need to go to bed because I have a lot of prep to do for the camping trip and I don't have a lot of time, and I need a good nights rest. Talk to you later.
Love Niki


  1. congrats my friend! that's super cool. well done. your ancestors would be proud. *lolx1000*

  2. Congradualations!!!! That is so great! You seemed to have made a really good impression in your work place...that is an awsome opertunity! Know that we your friends are proud of you and love you tons!

  3. We ARE very proud of you! Congratulations!! Have fun camping and all the best for your busy week! XOXOXO