Friday, July 07, 2006

today...well, it blew chunks

Wow, today sucked. I thought I was going to lose my job, my boss is do I put it...silly person and yeah, crummy day. But now I'm home from work, still have my job (whether thats a good thing or not I haven't yet decided), reaffirmed that what happened was not my fault and plans for tonight. My regret now is that I got really upset this morning and 2 co workers saw me respond to an ugly situation in a really ugly way. Y'know, funny thing though...I felt really pressed to leave early for work and pray the whole way and I wasn't sure why. Now I know. I can't even imagine how awry the day could've gone if I hadn't been giving it to God from the moment I got up. I probably would've at the very least quit my job and probably made the next couple weeks living in my boss' house very awkward. Thank God that I didn't. Really, I thank God.
And now I'm home to pack for camp (leave tmrw morning bright and early...9am), going to have some dinner and then I'm going out with a bunch of friends tonight. We're going to Baranga's...some country bar/club thing...I'm not sure, I plan on just sitting at the table with Meggs and laughing at our friends...err, I mean, encouraging them from a distance. ;) So, off to prepare for another busy week. Hope this blog will tide you over until my next post which won't be until next Saturday or Sunday, no internet at camp.
Oh, just met my new landlord!!! YAY. Really briefly. I only met him, she wasn't there. Very young. We'll meet again soon, I hope so we can discuss the contract and everything. eep. Anyway, no use in stressing. :)
Have a gooder. And happy travels to the LIFT guys going across Canada. You're in our prayers, keep safe and have fun!!

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