Thursday, July 06, 2006


Where to start?? It's been a busy last little while. Work. Staff training. Dingy run. Work. Bronwyn aka shopping. Back to work tomorrow. Off to camp on Saturday. Wow. Once camp is over (only going for a week) life will begin to settle back into routine, I think/hope, anyways. I can't start stressing about the future...Rachael & Nick's wedding, Rob's potential visit, school, road trips?!?...etc. etc. etc. Take each day as it comes.
So, Bronwyn got here on Tuesday! LA drove me down to pick her up (thanks!!) and then we went grocery shopping and went to Wal Mart. Should've known then that that was going to be what the rest of her visit entailed ;) Tuesday night a bunch of friends came over (*hi back, Dave*) to welcome Bronwyn and to just hang out. Meggs made a comment about how I didn't have any I baked a batch of cupcakes. I have one left on the counter as my dessert for tonight. :) We had a good time, lots of talking and laughing. Meggs & LA decided to turn my apartment upside down, thanks ladies. I still haven't switched the poster or the map back. I went to brush my teeth at 1am and couldn't find my toothbrush :P You girls are funny.
Wednesday came and we went shopping. I've seen the inside of most of the stores in Limeridge now, it would seem. I spent too much money (darn credit cards), but got some cute shirts for the summer, and one really cute dressy shirt I can wear to the CILT grad and maybe even the wedding...hmmm, good idea. Then Megz drove us home and we did, take a guess, MORE shopping!! lol. But before that I made dinner. aka, salad. And swiss chocolate. mmm. Then we went to Zellers, LCBO and Wal-Mart where we ran into Shannon & Robin (Megz sister & mom)...went back to her place, after a slight detour to the Caledonia protest area. Hung out at her place for a few hours, ate waaaay too much ice cream cake. BUT SO GOOD! Then she drove us back home, we went to bed and then it was Thursday. So today we bussed it to the Meadowlands (so could've walked!), went to Chapters and Sobey's and then Mrs L picked us up, drove us downtown and I dropped off Bronwyn at the bus depot. And guess what...I didn't even get a picture of the two of us together, the whole time she was here!! :( That was disappointing. But we had a fun visit, and we didn't strangle each other!! Right?? ;)
And now it's Thursday night, my place needs to be cleaned, posters need to be hung (got freebies from Cinema 1, sweet!!), dishes need to be washed and I have a cupcake to eat. Paul is out at a picnic thing with some exchange kid they apparently have...and then he'll call when he gets back and we're going to hang out. Not sure what we're going to do yet, but I should probably clean before he gets here, so it's done. Then tomorrow I'm at work 830-5, come home, pack for camp, go to Baranga's (on the beach?) for dancing sitting. ;) Yay for table buddies, Meggs!!
What else? I got my student loan papers a day after fees were due, so I'll apply anyways, see if they can cover books and what not. Is it possible to use student loan money for other things (like rent), if your fees have already been paid? Have to look into that.
So, life is good. Life is busy. God is great. I'm excited to see lives changed at camp this week. Also, praying for a friend who's in some trouble and really needs God and needs to understand her need for God. Keep on praying!! The theme for this summer at camp is, "Friend of God" cool. So our theme song is...Friend of God ;) Here are the lyrics:

I am a friend of God.
I am a friend of God,
I am a friend of God,
He calls me friend.

Who am I that You are mindful of me,
That You hear me, when I call?
Is it true that you are thinking of me,
How you love me,

I am a friend of God.
I am a friend of God.
I am a friend of God,
You call me Friend!

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