Monday, July 03, 2006

i'm back

Wow. I'm so tired. I read a postcard on today it said "Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong decade"...I don't think that necessarily, but I sure think that I tire much quicker than the rest of my friends which leads me to think that maybe I'm not really 22 after all. Silly, yes...I don't actually think that, I just don't understand how people can live on such little sleep! Thur-Sun I got about 5 or 6 (one night was 4, I think) hours of sleep and I'm just pooped.
Thursday I worked, got home at 12:30am, a coworker gave me a ride home-saved me from the walk, woohoo! Friday I had a job interview...I'm not going to pursue it (I was invited back for a second interview-y thing), but I'm going to decline. It is a reputable company, but its all about 'referral, referral, referral'...the only way you get anywhere in the business is by referring other people to do the same work you started out doing, it has somewhat of a pyramid scheme to it, the more people I refer the more money I make, doing less work. Oh well, it was a boost for my self-confidence because the guy interviewing me kept saying how I'm "such a good person" and he's only heard "great things about me" and blah blah blah...sweet talker. Glad I looked into it and went in with my guard up, who knows what stupid thing I may have agreed to otherwise.
On Friday, we (Laura, Deb, Matt & I) went to camp for staff training. Good weekend, little sleep, lots of thunder-beautiful. Saturday night we went to see the Canada Day fireworks in Walkerton but it was raining pretty hard with thunder and lightning, so there were no fireworks. So 15 of us sat in Al's hippy van and sang camp songs. "Magdalena Hagdalena..." good times. I know a little bit of what we might sing when I go up next week. Sunday brought the dingy run with Brock, his 3 friends, Shannon & Tim, Wendy, Matt, Kyle, Alex, Josh & Laura. A bird pooped on my head. It was fun. (not the poop...the dingy run). By the end of it I was cranky and ready to go home though. Got home at 1130 last night, fell into bed.
Woke up. Walked to work, worked until 4, walked home. Made dinner, updated my blog and now I'm going to bed again. I'm going to clean the apartment when I wake up (regardless of what time it is).
Bronwyn's coming tomorrow!!! Party at my house. Arrive 630-7 and I'll have food and we'll have fun. Come! Just e-mail me to let me know if you plan on coming.
Love Niki


  1. Hi back! Say hi to Bronwyn, have a great time together!

  2. Hey Niki!

    I am in White Rock around August 5th...pray that I don't die bunjee jumping!!!